The Presbyterian Pastor Episode 1

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As promised, A new series kicks off on our website titled: THE PREBYSTERIAN PASTOR. We hope you stay hooked with us every Sunday for new episodes. Thank you!!!


The Presbyterian Pastor Episode One

“Fall in line scoundrels; get one thing right”

“At ease, squadron one; who is your father?”

“No one but you, Captain”

“Bravo” he giggled adjusting the feathery cap on his head; the other soldiers joined laughing.

The podium built with large stone blocks supported his weight as he stared into the eyes of the young, vibrant souls whose allegiance to serve their country brought back memories while he was still a foot soldier.

The war in the state was tough, several had died and each day was a battle on its own. Two days ago, they had lost one of their bravest soldiers to the cold arms of the enemy’s machine guns.

Where could redemption be found?

What were they fighting for?

The lost look of the soldiers before him explicitly describe what their lips couldn’t bear to utter. Everyone embraced religion; those who could pray never stopped but it seems heaven was shut to their prayer. All hope was lost, but as their leader. he couldn’t afford the luxury of being hopeless; a general must be strong at all times.

“The general would love the speak to us” the young captain who giggled some minutes ago spoke.


“Yes sir”

“No need for formalities soldiers; there is no time for that” he waved at them

“Today, we have a visitor among us; perhaps hope has shined his glorious face on us”

There was murmuring amongst the soldiers; some clapped their hands in joy.

“Come forward” the general beckoned at a young man in his thirties. He had brown baggy trousers on him and a black t-shirt on; the young man held unto a medium Bible. His eyes scanning the environment he was in; there was a calmness in his gait and the soldiers watched as he mounted the podium standing side by side the general.

“Meet Pastor Hosea Makinde”

“Salute” Hosea shouted

The soldiers laughed at him

“You are welcome Sir” the captain greeted extending his right hand for a formal salutation. Hosea returned his greeting with a smile on his face.

“Pastor Hosea will be…”

“General, just call me Hosea. I am still a young boy” he said scratching his head.

“Allow me to be courteous; we had so longed to have a minister of God in our midst for years”


“Thank you, so can I continue?” the General gently asked; his eyes filled with warmth

“Of course Sir. Go on” Hosea replied

Expectant gazes stared at him

God, why were they staring at him as though he was their returning saviour? He had heard rumors about the city that he didn’t like.

I hate you, Dad

Will I ever forgive you?

Hosea thought within trying to look composed before the soldiers. His smile was intact; he didn’t want to look displeased or unhappy. He was no one. He was no minister of God. He was so sorry to disappoint; perhaps they shouldn’t have so much trust in him.  He watched as the General quoted the scriptures with boldness and how the soldiers’ gaze was fixed on him as he spoke.

“Let us welcome Pastor Hosea to our camp”

There was a long moment of clapping, Hosea bowed his head respectfully.

“You are all dismissed to your patrol unit” the captain commanded

“Pastor Hosea” the General called

“Go on sir”

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“You see, we are so glad to have you in our camp; the war is onto us and I am so challenged to see a young man like you volunteer to pastor a church in the barrack. When I got the information that they were sending a pastor from the city, I expected someone of my age but when I received the fax document; I was surprised and motivated”

I didn’t have a choice; my dad made the decision. You know him now General? He is your friend; he thought within but his lips replied with all smiles “Thank God for using me; I pray for grace”

“My son, that was a spirit-led reply”

Hosea rubbed his head

“How is your father?”

He should be fine. I don’t really care

“He is great; he sends his greeting to the church” he lied

“May God keep us all in His will”

“Amen” Hosea nodded

“Come, let me be your guide around the barrack. The church is just a few miles away from here; you will be staying at my house tonight. Your house isn’t ready yet”

“Thank you General”

“I don’t like formalities, just call me Nathaniel”

“I wouldn’t dare” Hosea disapproved with an uptight tone

He smiled “Suit yourself son”

“Come, follow me. We will take my car. You must be tired; I will show you around for a little while so you can rest at my home. My wife and daughter had prepared for your coming”


Wife and daughter?

Was his child someone his age?

He hoped so

Somehow, the thought of daughter made him sheepishly smile

The General accompanied by few soldiers with guns followed him closely. Hosea walked slowly matching the pace of the General; he would be in his sixties just like his father.

“Why would you send your son to the war zone? I don’t understand you at all” His mother protested throwing the white envelope on the glass table in the sitting room

His father folded his legs reading the newspaper didn’t say a word; his glasses adjusted on his face stared back at his wife.

“Answer me now”

“Woman, what do you want me to say? The church decided that not me”

“Don’t tell me that; are you not the president of all decisions made? You knew about it; so why didn’t you say anything? The son of Elder Fakolade is there; ah ah; what of Mr. Yusuf’s son. You must change this; my own son is not going to that state. Not when I am alive”

“Better calm yourself down; this verdict cannot be changed

“Haba, Daddy Hosea. I didn’t know you don’t love your son at all. What is all this now?” she said settling to sit on the sofa fuming.

Hosea sat on the patio outside their house, he wasn’t going to join into the living room and have a word battle with his father. No, not again. Since his father has decided to be so heartless and inconsiderate, he wouldn’t budge from where he was seated.

“Hosea, are you not saying anything? Come inside, I know you can hear me” His mother called out through the window

He didn’t say anything, putting on his earpiece he turned on the music of Jill Perry.

“See what you have caused, ehn…”

“I didn’t cause anything at all” his father replied turning his gaze back to the newspaper in his hands.

The next morning, he was already at the airport. His father hadn’t cared to escort him to the station. His mother was still obviously annoyed at him.

“Hosea, don’t worry you will be deported back”

“Mummy, deported ke? Haba” he smiled

“Leave that English alone, I don’t understand your daddy at all. And you, why didn’t you say anything at all?” she asked finding it hard to believe he had kept quiet even during the night devotion.

“Mummy. It is nothing. I can’t always be arguing everything with dad”

“You didn’t argue when he sent you to the Theologian’s school; don’t you have dreams, Hosea? You don’t always talk out” she scolded

“If I did, does Dad listen?”

“But son- it wouldn’t hurt to try,” she said holding his hand

“Mum, don’t worry. I am going to that war zone. Trust your son, I will be okay”

“It is not that I don’t trust you now, I do. Just stay safe”

“I will, Mum. I promise”

“I will call you. Pick my calls you hear”

“Yes, I will” he smiled gathering her in a tight hug

“I will miss you son; God go with you” she sobbed patting his back

“No tears mum, no tears”

“Okay, you sound so much like a soldier” she teased

“Whatever” he smiled letting her go

His mother stared at him for some seconds touching his face affectionately.

“When did you grow up so quickly?”

“I don’t know” he shrugged and she slightly laughed

“Naughty you”

“I will keep you in prayers; you don’t stop praying. You hear?”

Don’t stop praying

He was never going to;

Not in a war zone

How was his mother? He wondered as they rode past dilapidated houses.

Why had his father sent him here?

The thought never left him for hours; one thing he was sure of was; his father never loved him. If he did, he wouldn’t send him here.

“I hate you, Dad” he whispered


I hope to see you next week!!

Hop into the comment box, what’s your view about the story? Do you think Hosea will do a good job of pastoring a church when he has a deep hatred for his father?

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  1. I love reading this.. Next Sunday seems too far already. As to your question, Hosea might do a good job but first he needs to forgive his father. I can’t wait for the story to unfold. See you next Sunday 😊😀😀

  2. Can next Sunday come so quickly… I love what you are doing. You are a mighty instrument in God’s hands dear.. Keep going

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