The Reason for Christmas

The Reason for Christmas: You have something to give

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I came across a video clip where a man and his beautiful daughter had no food to eat.

It was Christmas eve and there was no hope whatsoever. This is a man who had bills to settle, house rent to pay and had no food to eat. Celebrating Christmas was tough for him and his daughter.

They had about three lovely Christmas trees, so the man thought within himself to sell them all, peradventure he could use the money to foot his bills. With his mind fixed on selling the trees, his daughter wouldn’t have him do that. She made him see reasons why the Christmas trees must not be sold but rather given to people as a Christmas gift.

The man further explained to his daughter the reasons why he was opting to sell them. While they discussed it further, his daughter was finally able to convince him to gift the trees all out.

Taking to his daughter’s advice, he gifted out the first Christmas tree to a woman who was grieving over the death of her only daughter, she never saw the need to celebrate Christmas, but receiving this precious gift brought back memories of Christmas, and she was able to smile again.

The man gave out the second tree to a lady whose marriage was on the verge of collapse, she had been sad, celebrating Christmas wasn’t something she looked forward to. Receiving a gift in a time like this was a big deal to her and it helped bring back her smile. She was able to settle things with her husband.

The third Christmas tree was afterward given to a family man, whose wife was diagnosed with Cancer, receiving a gift in such a situation lightened their mood.

Getting home, the man who gifted out his Christmas trees, his only source of income began to cry, while his daughter consoled him that everything will be fine. The joy of putting smiles on people’s faces is enough. All the man kept saying was that he had no money to provide food for his daughter, he couldn’t get her a Christmas gift, neither could he afford to pay their house rent.

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A few minutes later, they heard a knock on the door, opening the door was the woman who lost her only daughter, here she was with a gift to thank the man for making her smile. She gifted it to the man’s daughter. After the woman left, the father and daughter were so happy that at least his daughter has a dress and a shoe.

There was a knock on the door for the second time, this time around it was the family man and his wife who were battling with health issues, they brought food to show appreciation to the man. Barely a few minutes after they left, there was another knock on the door, the lady who had issues with her marriage came in to thank the man with her husband, funnily enough, her husband is the landlord of the house where he was struggling to pay the rent, but the lady doesn’t know about this, because she hasn’t been around. They were so shocked, and then the supposed landlord told him to forget about the rent, the fact that he had helped save his marriage is enough, with joy on their faces, they bid each other goodbye. The man disclosed the good news to his daughter and they rejoiced.

We can learn from this short story; that in every situation you find yourself in, you still have something, other people are not privileged to have. You still have every reason to smile and put a smile on someone’s face.

The Reason for Christmas

Don’t always be at the receiving end, if you have been blessed, bless someone else. Let someone smile because of you. God bless you.

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