I’ve been betrayed by friends.
neglected by those who claim to care,
I’ve almost lost all hope in living,
Oh no! I have almost given up.

I know I can rise,
rise up and stand so tall,
to face a new hurdle,
and never crumble.

I know I can rise,
though I was a little feeble,
overcomed with fear of tomorrow,
But I want to shine brighter.

Oh what foolish thought; others may say,
But I know I can be it,
Be what I want to be despite my past,
To step into the future.

Rise, rise; Oh ye that are feeble!
Art thou afraid of a stumble?
Hustle to cross the hurdle,
From the sordid past to a shining future.

Thou know est within,
The battle is only within,
You fail within,
at the time you admit defeat.

Oh! ye strong ones,
Break forth in glory,
Break forth in the sunshine,
Rise till you cross the hurdle,
        … and leave your past to claim your future…


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Kudabovictory · February 26, 2017 at 10:09 pm

This is superb

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