Touch Me Not

Hey mister,
Can you hear what I say?
Try it not,
For I say again,

Touch me not mister,
I belong to Jesus,
For he conquered you,
You might try me…

Even test me,
Hear me,  with God
I know I will stand,
So try it not buddy,

Touch me not,
I carry a mark,
It is written boldly,
Can’t you see it? (I wonder)

I have been marked by the blood,
So touch me not,
For I know who I belong to,
He is the lord of the universe…

Try it not for I know,
His presence never leaves me,
Try it not for,
I belong solely to Jesus…

Try and test me,
I know you will,
I know I will overcome,
His grace is sufficient,

His anchor is sure,
So touch me not buddy,
For I belong to Jesus,
Through Christ I overcome
Touch me not..

   God surely is my backup,  and I know I won’t fall…

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