A poem on tough times and how to come out stronger

A poem for tough times by Ifeoluwa Ajao

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The night is cold and dark,

The moon refused to shine,

Neither the stars give their glistening twinkles.

Birds are gone to their nests,

Flowers closed up their petals


And the breeze silently —

Whistling as it courses —

Through the leaves and —

Without hands, soothing men.

The night could be beautiful —


With the light of the moon

And the shinning of the stars,

But more peaceful it is —

Sitting alone with thoughts of hope —


Looking into the dark clouds.

Life is beautiful, yet ugly.

But in her ugliness, she gives hope of better days.

Situations might be tough

But they give hopes of a solution —


When breathe is yet taken.

Nature remains beautiful

When the sun shines not.

We are just not able to see it.


God remains amazing

Even in the toughest of situations.

We just have to trust Him!


This short poem fills the soul with absolute trust in GOD whenever we are faced with tough times, we should be at rest because God has never once had the record of failing us.


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