Something changed two thousand years ago in the history of mankind. Our debt was paid in full on the old rugged cross. Relis this experience with a beautiful, short poem

What happened Two Thousand Years ago?

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About Two Thousand Years ago- A Poem about his death

About Two Thousand Years ago,

I stood with my charges,

with despair, the mood of my soul
before opposing earthly judges.

About two thousand years ago ,
I owed substantial debts,
like a prisoner in a gaol
I was subjected to death.

About two thousand years ago- A poem of the cross

But a lawyer stood for me
he had no connection with the government,
he had no good shoes on his feet,
but he waved and changed my judgement.

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With his hand severely drilled
and his head crowned with thorns
such that from his head, blood dripped –
what a price for my salvation !

About two thousand years ago
a lawyer had set me free,
his heart was as white as snow,
he paid for my life with his.

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Hallelujah!!! Our debt is paid about two thousand years back… Glory!!!


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