How to talk about Jesus unashamed

How to talk about Jesus Unashamed

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I have to ask myself this also, can I talk about Jesus in my business unashamed? Or will I hide the fact that I am a child of God because I want to make money, new friends, and all? Can I talk about Jesus unashamed?

How to talk about Jesus unashamed: MY EXPERIENCE

Often I have read about some top influential online, and it has just been only a few that draws me with what they do and how they talk about Christ so shamelessly? I mean, I have some say; you don’t have to tell them about your faith in business, your client’s potential or acquired ones don’t need to know that. Do your business and leave. As simple as ABC

But, let me share a personal story with you

It so happened this year, in May. I came online to respond to pending messages from people. After a short while of being active online, a message came into my box from an unknown number. One business ethics I learned is this; always treat new faces right; you never know who is who

This person sent in his messages, and I clicked to open

Who was he?

What did he want?

Is he a new client?

I was really in need of money then, so I had hopes; perhaps he was a client

I was quite disappointed when I found out the reason he messaged me. He told me about a competition he enrolled in, needing votes; thus he randomly messaged people who were in a writing group I belonged to

I told him I wasn’t into the competition of a thingy, especially when I have to be voting. But that day, something pushed me to help. Initially, I don’t reply to such requests from strangers except I know you.

So I told him to send me the details

All he needed was for me to send his name to a number on WhatsApp, and follow the instruction the organizer sends back as a message

Well, I did, and I got back to him. He added that for my vote to count, I must save this particular number on my phone; only then will my vote for him be found valid.

I disagreed, I wasn’t ready to add up to my piles of WhatsApp status, my internet data isn’t for that.

He smiled, and then suggested

“You don’t have to save the number, just send a message to the organizer that you did. That’s all.”

I looked critically at his suggestion; so you mean I should tell someone I did something when in fact I didn’t

Instantly, I replied “That would be a lie, and I can’t do such”

He laughed and then commented “Are you a Christian?”

I was taken aback by his question, but I was proud to reply “Yes, I am”

After a short pause, he said “Don’t worry”

I sent in reply to him like this “Okay, I will help you, but I won’t tell a lie. I am going to save that contact like the organizer instructed, is that okay?”

He was happy, and my relationship with God was intact.

How to talk about Jesus unashamed

You see, temptations come subtly when we aren’t even watching, especially when in a professional discussion. Often, I have been tempted to lie about the price of something to my clients, but hey, the spirit of God won’t allow me to do it.

Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord {2 Timothy 1:8}

Will I lose my stand with God because someone asked me to do something that I know God wouldn’t be pleased with? Just for money? Fame? Appreciation?

How to talk about Jesus Unashamed

I believe, the Bible admonishes us not to be ashamed of standing for Christ no matter what or where. As we chase all the things in the world in a bid to survive, we should never hide who we are to the world.

We shouldn’t be ashamed of our identity.

It is our birth right, so guard it jealously

Don’t be ashamed to proclaim Jesus to your client

Remember, this world is not our final rest; we are just pilgrims

And pilgrims only set their eyes on the goal not on the sidelines

Bring Jesus to the table of whatever you are doing, and surely you won’t be ashamed.

To talk about JESUS unashamed, always remember He wasn’t ashamed when he died for us on the cross, he did it for LOVE. Daily ask for Grace to be proud of your identity in Christ.

I found this article more profound as regards sharing our Faith confidently; you can read here

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