Unworthy but say the Word- A story according to the Centurion Soldier's faith

Unworthy but Say the Word: The Faith of the Centurion’s Soldier

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Disclaimer: This is a Bible Story titled; Unworthy but say the Word, any resemblance to a living character is merely by coincidence. The account of this story does not follow the description accounted in the Bible.

Adriel POV:

I was dying, a few more breaths, and sadly, it will be over; the unbearable pain will be gone, and my master would be at peace, at last. He deserved to be, considering all he had to do for me. I knew he loved us all; but he must have loved me deeply, I was his favorite.

Suddenly, I heard whispers; curiosity clouded my every gaze towards the thatched door; I strained to listen to every word, but I couldn’t hear a thing when my friend, Gazelle, came rushing panting hard. I squinted my eyes; trying to make sense of what was chasing him; with his head bowed towards the ground, trying to catch his breath; he spoke some seconds after

“Adriel; Master is running; he is running to Him”



“Because of you,” Gazelle replied, lumbering towards my side, he held my hand smiling. “The elderly master is known to cure all sickness; you will be healed friend; just promise to stay strong” he spoke with mixed feeling, trying not to withhold the gathering tears in his eyes. I was too weak to say another word, but I did reciprocate his good wish with a smile. He patted my hands lightly as my thoughts wandered away from the environment.

Why did master have to do that for me?

I was dying; after all, I was just a mere servant. He didn’t have to be so kind to me. I wasn’t worth it.

Staring at the mud-built hut; I didn’t know when the first tear slipped from my eyes, I remembered the word of my master Kindness has no social status

Master’s POV

I was a man under authority, but I have learned to stay true to my words; I had vowed to treat everyone right; whether they are servants or sons. If my son happened to be at the brink of death, I wouldn’t hesitate to run; I could do the same thing for my servants.

Trying to catch my uneven breath, the question filled gazes of the crowd stayed on me; they must have recognized me with my clothing. The red scarf tied around the waist of the armor I had on signified authority. It was so unusual; I know it was, but my heart was fixed. I had come to see the Master.

The Master must have noticed my presence amidst the crowd, for he stopped teaching the group of men and women seated in front of him. He had a creamy gown, with a white scarf tied on the waist, but his looks were penetrating yet calming. I smiled weakly at him, it was awkward, but He smiled back at me.

“What would you have me do?” He asked slowly, as though reading my thought.

His question stirred up streams of happiness in me, but as I parted my lips in a bid to speak, no words came out. But the Master was kind enough to smile at me as I bowed my head to the ground in worship.

“Gracious Lord, my servant, is grievously tormented with sickness,” I cried out, the crowd staring at me.

The Master’s next statement took me off balance as he said “I will come and heal him”

The Master, at my home?

To me, it was disrespectful; the Master need not come to my home; he was a man of superior authority like I was.

“Not a chance, my Lord. I am not worthy that thou shouldn’t come under my roof, but speak the word only and I know my servant shall be healed”

“Am I not a man under authority? Having many soldiers under me, I say unto one do this, and he doeth; Go and he goeth. Alas, my savior; a word is enough”

The crowd gasped, as though I had missed my chance at healing from the Master with my words. Or had I? Even the Master wasn’t saying a word; did I say it wrong?

But then, the parting of the lips of the Master to speak calmed my mind, “I have found, no greater faith, no, not in Israel” He marveled.

Master added some words to his commendation of my action; before he concluded with a smile on his face “Go thy way as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee.”

There was a miracle; after all, my servant was going to live. I smiled widely, rising from the ground. Truly, Kindness has no social status; and Master taught me anew.

Lesson from Matthews 8:5-13: Unworthy but say the Word

This is an illustrative story coined from Matthews 8:5-13. The phrase “Unworthy but say the Word” can be applied to the generation we live in. Many people stop at the feeling of unworthiness; they often think they are unworthy of God’s love, peace, healing, and presence in their lives. In simpler term, let us explain it further like this:

A sinner might feel unworthy of God’s forgiveness; to them, it is like a luxury so hard to believe; that they would be called the children of God seems so surreal that they stop at watching believer’s distinguishing life from afar.

They think they are unworthy for the savior to dwell in their lives; even if they become saved, many spend their lives trying to pay back God’s mercy by being so overly righteous and too rigid, creating a life totally out of God’s will for them. Others believe they could buy God’s mercy and forgiveness by giving alms to the poor while still living in sin; they conclude no one can be saved or righteous; they feel unworthy, and sadly, they stop at this feeling.

The Centurion soldier didn’t stop at this feeling; he applied faith; which I believe so many are missing today; he said: ‘God, I know I am unworthy to have you in my little house, but gracious Lord; I have heard you heal the sick, and restore sight to the blind, doing the impossible with your word. Lord, the word alone is enough for me. Speak the word only”

Maybe you are still living in the state of unworthiness as a sinner or a believer who still thinks some miracles aren’t theirs to possess because of their past. It is high time to realize the potency in the Savior’s blood shed for you on Calvary for your sin, and on the cross; Jesus said It is finished, your debt is paid, your worthlessness rolled away. Take a step of faith, and surrender all to your Savior; he wants you to be called his.

Unworthy but Say the Word- The Centurion Man Faith

And to believers who think some blessings aren’t theirs to possess, have you forgotten the word of God which says in Ephesians 3:20 ‘Now unto him, that can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”

Unworthy, okay… but say the word of forgiveness, provision, wonders, elevated heights. Speak, and you shall receive it.

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