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Vulnerability: A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

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I grew up among brothers, virtually every one around me knew that I had a strong personality, I was bossy, stubborn and sometimes incorrigible. I hated to be found at my weakest point, I do not shed tears openly, I had smiles plastered on my face at every moment necessary.


Something was breaking within me

I didn’t enjoy the clique of friends I had around me; I was always fault finding and trust me, it cost me a lot of things

Whenever I see someone cry because of a little thing to my own understanding; I felt that person was being a weakling and seeks for attention

But I realized that my friends who admit being weak actually lived a great life

They were happy and even when not happy; those around them seems to pump joy into their reservoir

I wanted that

I remember picking up a book about the weak and the strong by Hunstel Riggot

It was a book of about 150 pages, and while I read in my room that night. I realized my flaws

Because I wanted to present a perfect facade to those around me, I was hurting myself in the long run

I shunned everyone out,

I saw no one as perfect but me,

But little did I know; I was living a lie

The first thing I did that night was call my mother

After a few dial; she picked up

“Annabella, what’s special tonight? ”

“Mum, I am sorry-” I paused

“I understand, you have been so busy. I could see your face at every newspaper your dad bought today. That’s my girl” she sounded proud, but I needed her to be honest with me. What did my mother know about me? What could she say about her child?

“Mum, I have a question”

“Darling, go on”

“Can I be vulnerable and be happy?”

There was a brief pause, I felt she was taken by surprise by my question. What had come over her daughter, she must be wondering.

“I think the perfect answer would be; Vulnerability brings true happiness”


“How is that possible?”

“Come over next weekend, we have a lot to talk about “

“Okay mum”


Is Vulnerability a good? How can you be  Vulnerable?

Out of the list of things to be ashamed of in life, being vulnerable should be left out of it. Don’t you agree?

I believe Vulnerability makes us understand that we are human and we have flaws, fears and faults.

Do you know that even the apparently strong individuals are the weakest? And when a man stays strong for so long, he forgets what life truly means.


  1. It opens your mind to a successful therapy: A lot have emotional sickness, when you open up and say what’s on your mind. You feel a sense of peace and calmness. I think, therapy begins when you see the need to be healed.
  2. It deepens relationship: This is among friends, when you open up to your friends and family; there is a deep communication and a hightened level of understanding. It becomes easy for you to be yourself while staying truly happy.
  3. It open your mind to changes: While being vulnerable deepens communication, you are likely to begin to see things differently and this paves way for yout mind to positively process things around you. You begin to understand that you are human and slowly you love yourself for who you are.


Today, I throw open the floor for comments

Can a man be vulnerable and still be happy?

See you in the comment section


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