What you should do when faced with problems- Day 20

What you should do when faced with problems

Hey there, I am glad you decided to join in today where we will discuss on what you should do when faced with problems

But, before that

Guess what?

For nineteen days, you have been reading posts on the quote challenge on our website; the series ends on the 11th of April. Thank you for always joining in every day


We will speak about facing problems in life, I am no therapist to tell you what to do when problems come as you follow on your dream, but I have just a few words to say; it has helped me over the years of blogging and writing. I thought I should share.

Check the quote image below:

What to do when faced with problems; take a deep breathe

Read the quote again;

Take a deep breathe, it says

But, how does taking a deep breathe help at all?

What you should do when faced with problems

I will break in into two:

  • Take a deep Breathe: Whenever I am faced with difficult situations, I have learned to always breathe no matter what. Here is my belief, as long as I am alive, no problem is too great for me and my God. Instead of panting here and there, being unhappy and sulking; I learn to breathe. Believe me, it isn’t easy to do but when you try it, it is worth it.
  • Develop a habit of Gratitude: Problems come in softly to turn your eyes away from the goodness of God; but Child of God; never forget what the Bible says; In all things, do what… Give Thanks. Instead of being unhappy, learn to give thanks.

There you have it, whenever you are faced with problems; learn to breathe and give thanks. A times, some of the problems you face might be caused by an underlying factor due to fatigue. While, it is good to follow your dream; you shouldn’t lose what being an human is in the process.

Take some time to rest when your body demands it so; communicate with long forgotten friends, spend time with family and don’t forget that your spirituality is of more important priority than your dream. Chasing purpose and forgetting God in the process will lead to a great danger.

Learn to balance it all,

Give preference when due

Follow your heart,

But never forget to put God first

Check this post by a fellow blogger: REFLECTING ON THE WORD

See you tomorrow…

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