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I wish I could totally give all and surrender my lifetime for HIS glory. At least, if I could serve him the way I aim, heaven will give a glorious welcome at my homecoming.

These are our aim when we first encounter God. Most Believers never aim to serve God partially. But there’s a problem, a matter of the root, an issue from the onset. It is called “the wrong dedication”.

I thought being successful will aid my service to God but I couldn’t imagine the restrictions on my way to success. If I have enough earthly possession, which can’t become my reason for serving God but lacking them might divert my concentration from God and my ministry.

Some of us are caught in this situation. Many are paralyzed in their walk with God and even in pursuit of success and liberality. Some struggle today with little or no result. They labour both physically and spiritually for God, in career and lots, but all in vain. Why?

There has been a wrong dedication from onset.

To be fully dedicated to God as a matter of fact requires complete understanding of God and His works in us. We tend to say, “all we have is of God” at first but we later understand this is a mere “talk” when circumstances arise to prove what we say.

Many lives and generations have been dedicated to demons, idols, marine world and many more from birth unknown to them. And they became the victim of perverted Christianity which attack the fruits leaving the root. Then it surface again at the verge of giving all to God because of the dedication to a god which has not been broken for complete dedication to the living God.

Dedication to God requires the breaking of dedications to once served “god”.


Truly, Christ has paid it all. And salvation is the key to open the door for our complete deliverance but many are yet to be delivered because they didn’t use the key that has been given to them hence their doors of deliverance remain closed.

The 21st century Believers thought the issue of idol dedication only happens in the African race because they thought idol worshipping only happened among the blacks which is a wrong notion.

Many nations of the world originated from the worshipping of idols as their first way of sacredness, the knowledge they have is that there is a Supreme being (God) somewhere but there must be a way of getting in touch with these being, even though they still can’t access Him.

It happened long years ago even in the western world, among the Indians, China, the Great Babylon and many nations of the world but they were quickly exposed to the Gospel of Grace which through them moved to the African nations. That is why today they have good economy and great ministers of God among them because their fathers prayed their ways through and broke their first dedications to their first gods and they saved their generation which makes it easy for some of them to fully dedicate their lives to God. So it does not pertain to only the black race.

Many lives keeps struggling with God and striving for success because they have been dedicated to what hinders God from seeing them and blessing them either directly or by generational convenant but there is solution in Christ Jesus for everyone who approach Him in sincerity and in Truth will be delivered.

On the other way round, many has dedicated themselves to riches and wealth, completely blindfolded by what they have and posses.

Wherever your treasure is, there will your heart be, Luke 22:34.

When you begin to see your treasure in God, you will totally dedicate your life to HIM.

Many children who should have been dedicated to God early become rascals and threat to our world today because their parents lacked proper understanding of dedication of their fruits to God at their early stage.

The solution is REDEDICATION.

For everyone that desire to be free and want to be God’s needs to be genuinely dedicated to God. Break whatever you have been dedicated to outside God to elongate and smoothen your relationship with God.

He will open doors for success that our service to Him might be easier.

For all these things do nations of the world seek after and your father knows that you have need of them all. Luke 12:30

Being dedicated to God is the only key to long lasting success in life and ministry.

Are you dedicated to God?

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