You, Yes You


On bended knees, Rose prayed with tears filling her face.

 When lord?

 When will you answer me?

 All hope was lost gone in prayers but she was challenged to pray again after she heard the testimony of Blessing in church today. God is still alive and on the throne. Blessing challenged her to keep praying

 Charles had been a graduate for about ten years now and all effort to get a good job proved abortive, he had once thought of killing himself since there was no meaning to life.
Standing by the edge of the river, he thought about his life and how he had lived, it had no meaning. Death was the way out he thought not until someone called him from afar


Mercy had been suffering from poverty ever since her parents died , they left her no riches before dying since they also lived a wretched life, but here she was making a last attempt towards her interview to secure a #10million job but something was hindering her from being selected until she saw someone


 How available are you?

  God uses people at times as an answer to prayers rendered. Are you available to be used? Charles would have died if someone never called his name, it might look be a coincidence but that was an answer from God to save his soul. Mercy would have lost that chance if someone never stepped in.

 YOU are an answer to someone’s prayer.

 So see yourself valuable

 A wife is an answer to a Man’s prayer who needed a partner

 A child is an answer to waiting parents

 You can be an answer to someone who needed encouragement, motivation, money, healthcare, help, promotion and the likes.

Make yourself available and accessible because God is also preparing others as an answer to your own prayers also.

 Also your testimonies are motivations for others to move on and never lose hope. Share them.

 Be an answer to someone’s prayer. See the usefulness and value in you.

 Be an answer not an hindrance.

God is never dead, he still lives.

Give out without reason,

 Love without condition,

 Share without holding back,

 Be an answer to someone’s prayer; you might not know you are but be readily available at all times to be an help.


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