“If it scares you, do it you never know if it was meant to make you shine


I hated water especially a large body of water; a flowing river sends chills down my spine whenever I am beside it.

I remember the time I fainted by the riverside when I saw a crab and my younger brother laughed his lungs out at the scared me. With my body sprawled on the riverbed sand, I huddled myself closely panting heavily.

“Will you keep being scared?” My father asked standing akimbo by my side with his gaze fixed at the ocean

“Whatever” I carelessly dismissed

“You know, I hated being a father also”

“This has nothing to do with that, dad”

“It does darling, come here,” he said stretching out his hand to me with a kind smile on his face.


He held my hand swinging our joined hands into the air as we walked in sync

“Your mother knew how I had freaked out when I discovered she was pregnant with you; I wasn’t ready for you, and for months I stayed away from her. We didn’t talk”

My brother was happily dancing in the water, my father bent down to meet my gaze

“But I never knew what I was missing when I stayed away from you because I was scared; your little troubling in her belly and listening to your heart beating slowly in her; I never understood”

“What did you do dad?”

He paused, held my hand and smiled “I did nothing”

“Really? ” I asked surprised though disappointed

He sensed the disappointment in my voice

“Darling, I was scared but you know-“


“When you were born, I fell instantly in love with you like I ever did to myself, I regretted not been there while you were in your mother’s belly; I vowed then to make it up to you” he kissed my forehead afterward

“I never made the same mistake with your brother, I had learned to face my fear and cherish the moments”

“I hate water”

“But, dear; water is beautiful. .isn’t it? Look at it” he turned me to look at the blue sea.

“It is, but it can kill” I confessed

“It won’t if you learn to master it. Who knows you could be a swimmer?”

I chuckled at his imagination “I can’t”

“You can; if you learn to face your fear. Perhaps what scares you might make you shine darling”

“I don’t know”

Readers, what are you afraid of?

Let’s face it, perhaps you are meant to shine in your fear.

The saying is never too old: FACE YOUR FEAR


Quotes By Kudabo Victory



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