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Your Words By Third Day ft. Harvest

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Who remembers this film; Miracles from Heaven? If you love watching a faith-based movie, then aside from War room, Question of Faith, God’s not dead; Miracles from Heaven should be added to your list. Now, what makes this movie a MUST WATCH for you is that it is based on a true-life story and if you love movies based on people’s lives like I do, then you should definitely check this film out. I will drop my review of this film some other time, what the movie has taught me; perhaps I can encourage you to watch it.



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Today’s blog post is not on the film but as you know I love beautifuur… songs especially Christian songs with deep lyrics. From the film, Miracles from heaven, the theme song was one with deep connection; that’s why I am introducing you to this song titled: YOUR WORDS by Third Day featuring Harvest. Why do I love this song? First and all, the lyrics and emotions beat my thinking and do you know what? the crew mentioned that the film Miracles from heaven based on the true story of Anna Beam inspired them to sing such a powerful song.

You don’t believe me that this song is beautifuur… (my English tells it all, lol). Check out the lyrics below: “YOUR WORDS BEAUTIFUL LYRICS”

Let me hear Your words,
Above all other voices, 
Above all the distractions in this world.
Let me hear Your words,
Above all of the voices, 
Above all the distractions in this world.

For Your words bring life
And Your voice speaks promises
Lord, Your love offers more
Than anything else in this world
Your words give us life that’s never ending
Your words bring us love that never fails
Everything else will fade away
But what will remain
Are Your words

Let us speak Your words,
More than ours, more than ever,
Let us share Your love with all the world, 
The grass will wither and the flowers will fall,
But the word of our God will last forever,
The grass will wither and the flowers will fall,
But the word of our God will last forever.

The lyrics bring a great reminder to Christians on the need to have the unfailing word of God always in our hearts. You need to watch the film MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN to understand what I meant by that above.

Are you interested in downloading this song, who knows you might love it just like I do and perhaps give the movie a try if you haven’t watched it, check it out HERE BELOW

Your Words (feat. Harvest)

Check out their official lyrics video:

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