You are your decision

You’re Your Decision

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A year ago, I stayed in school a little bit later than my usual So in school. So, in other to get to my hostel on time because it was sunny, I went to an unusual path to get a bus different from the norms.

On my way there, my mind was telling me not to waste time going, and go to the right place I can get a bus easily, but because I was in a hurry and considering the distance from where I was to the where I should go to, I discarded the thought and went ahead.

Moving closer to the place, I was relieved because I saw other students also waiting for the bus under the hot sun. When I got there, I knew I was going to stay long because I saw in the expression of those I met there that they’ve been waiting quite long, but no bus has shown up to covey them. I also waited for a while hoping that a bus will just appear. Meanwhile, I knew I was going to wait long here, but I don’t want to admit it.

After waiting for a while with no positive result, I grudging left to get a bus at the right place. On getting there, I saw buses waiting for passengers. In my mind, I blamed myself for wasting precious time earlier.

To cut the story short, I was actually the last person that filled the bus and that was how I left school.

Did I just hear you say “What’s the essence of the story? ” This is where the lesson lies.

Many people most time, knows the right place to go, the right thing to do, how to do them, where and when to do them, but tends to look for the fastest means to make things work out, even when they know it’s wrong. Like I decided to use the fastest means to get home which didn’t work out, neglecting the right path, so many are also in a rush, looking for a shortcut which signifies an improper and ungodly way to fulfill their dreams, ambitions, and visions.

Do you know the right step to take to accomplish things you need to get done? If yes! Why are you looking at the circumstances around? Like I was also considering the scorching sun, distance, and the people I saw also waiting for the bus. All these blinded me from making the right decision at first, but when I made the wrong decision, and it’s not yielding the expected result, I had made a decision to the right place.

Likewise, friends, if you are in a situation similar to mine, it’s not too late to make a U-turn and take the right decision. Are you wrongly involved in something? Are you still there because of what your friends will think about you? Never mind them, all you need is to take the decision to step out of it and walk on the right path!

You’re in the ship of life? Friendship, relationship, situationship, courtship, and any kind of ship, and you know it’s wrong for you? You’ve been in it for long without positive fruits to show for it? Don’t focus on the pain it will cost you to opt-out, or people around you doing the same. Enter into the right ship with your destiny. Make the right decision with God.

Are you yet to accept the light? come out of the darkness, don’t mind what your friends and family will say. Just like the bus was waiting for me, and I entered immediately I got there, Christ is also waiting to accept you, take you as his own, give you directions, give you Joy, solution, and lots more, dears. The right living that gives you peace and Joy is the best, embrace it.

Remember the decision you make today determines your result tomorrow. When facing the consequences of your decision, you suffer it alone, but when enjoying it, many will join you. You have the power to choose. Life is a matter of choices and we are the product of our choice, we become what we chose to be. Always remember to choose right!

I call you blessed.

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