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A lesson from the Old testament

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I Kings 21: 29

“Do you see how Ahab has humbled himself before me? Because he has done this, I will not do what I promised during his lifetime; it will happen to his sons; I will destroy his descendants.”  TLB


The look in his eyes, the smirk on his lips and the way his fingers ran through his hair repeatedly gave me second thoughts, what was Jide thinking? He didn’t stop at his look, soon his left hand stroke his beards and I couldn’t stop wondering about what thoughts ran through his mind as he stared at the picture on my phone.

“What are you thinking?” I found myself as I took the phone away from his view.

“Chill, Chill James” he spoke rather softly yet subtly

“I won’t chill Jide until you let me in to the thoughts rummaging through your dirty mind as you stared at the picture I showed you just now… I know you Jide “

He grinned at me then spoke “Just how well did you know me?”

James lowered down his gaze staring at the picture of his sister on the screen of his Samsung galaxy then smiled before giving his friend an answer “well enough to know what goes on in your mind whenever you stare at the picture of my sister on my phone. Tell me, do you like her?”

“Seriously James? Calm down, why will I like a woman about to get married next week? I just appreciate your sister that’s why”

“Appreciate her?”

“Trust me James, your sister is a beauty”

“Don’t go there Jide. Don’t at all… you know I don’t like it?”

“What again? Can’t I appreciate or compliment your sister?”

“I won’t allow you to do such, after all I know fully well what you think whenever you compliment a lady’s beauty… you always bed them, don’t try that with my sister at all… it won’t be funny because she isn’t like other girls you flirt around with” James stared at his friend with eyes driving home a point. Jide, he has an unusual habit of taking every lady he terms beautiful and sexy to bed no matter their age. He wouldn’t forgive Jide if he ever tries anything funny with his little sister not when her day of joy is in few days’ time.

He didn’t heed to his warning and he knew he did not the moment he barged into the room of his sister two days after their conversion; he met her crying uncontrollably on the bed naked.


He stood in front of the mammoth crowd with tears running down his eyes with his hands raised up in surrender, he didn’t seem to care that people who knew him for who he was were seated in the congregation staring at him, he needed something desperate, something he envied in his neighbor’s life, something he couldn’t buy with money no matter how hard he tried. He needed the peace no one could take away like his neighbor always described it, he needed it and if standing in front of a crowd with knees on the ground and a raised up hands could get him what he wanted, he was ready to pay the cost.

Jide mumbled some words as directed by the old man who face radiated and bore the peace he so much desires and while he did with all sincerity, he felt something change in him. Days turned into years and the peace in him remained, he was a changed man and others around him could testify about it. Year 2013, he died leaving behind a son from the joyful union he had with the wife of his youth, Margret. His son continued his legacy as he named him after himself, Jide.


He battled with the problem for years, and as he stood before the minister of God who made clear to him what the cause of his problem was, he gasped at how cruel her father who he once adored was. How could he rape his friend’s sister just two days to her wedding? He couldn’t picture the pain the poor and innocent girl must have faced just so his father could satisfy his lust.

“Pastor, why should I be punished for the sins of my father?” he asked confused

“Son, you don’t deserve to be punished, the curse placed on your father is like the one Ahab was placed on by God during his evil day but the good news is that, the veil of the temple had been rent and our savior was crucified so he could roll away every curse only when we surrender ourselves fully to him. Are you ready to be free?”

“Of course I am sir, I can’t wait to be free”

“Then, let us pray”

Writer’s Desk:

For we are no longer slaves to the sins and bondage of our fathers, fore fathers and great grandfathers. Christ has died for the rolling away of every curse, we are no longer accursed, but the only condition to enjoy this privilege is when we become true sons and daughters of the kingdom. You shouldn’t suffer for the sins of your parents and forefathers, you have a covering in Christ and you can’t enjoy this if you are not in full surrender to your creator. You can be free from that hereditary problem, you are no longer slaves to your family’s past no matter what, tap into the victory of the Cross and declare positively for you aren’t called to bear the burden and grudges that runs in your family, you are called to be sons and daughters of righteousness, you are called for something greater, step into that realm and claim your victory.

Word for the Week:

“Hasn’t Christ died so we can be free? Indeed and totally free… walk daily in freedom, connect daily to the source that never runs dry, you are made for VICTORY, you are made for MORE.”




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