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The night she was forced out of her father’s house by his second wife remains fresh in Amanda’s memory, she couldn’t forget the helpless look on her biological’s father face as the wife packed and threw her belongings over the terrace unto the grassy field. She had pleaded with her father to let her stay even just for few months when she would be through with her final examination in the medical school, but all plea and tears fell on deaf ears; that night her father became a total stranger to her and she couldn’t help but cry remembering the memory she once had of her loving father before the death of her mother. She remembered picking up her mother’s frame and shedding tears while her father watched over the terrace helpless in a weird way.

 As she laid on the bed in her little room provided by one of her mother’s closest friend she allowed the tears flow freely.

 “Amanda, you’re always looking lost in the class” one of the professors who became worried called her after the class. “Are you sure everything is okay with you?” she asked concerned

“I am okay ma’am” she replied slowly

“Amanda… you don’t look okay; tell me is all well at home?” when she refused to answer her question, the professor added “Your final exams is just a month away, Amanda you can’t avoid to be distracted as of now… You really can’t so I want you to get a hold of yourself and move on”

“Okay ma’am, thank you” she appreciated excusing herself from the professor’s office.

 Walking past the cafeteria, the aroma from it made her stomach cry; only then did she realize she had not taken a meal since the morning she had left her room. Her mother’s friend was barely at home and even when she was, she rarely cooks but buys food from restaurants around once in a blue moon.

“Amanda” someone called out

She turned to the direction of the voice and was surprised to see David, their class rep. He was full of smiles while joggling towards her holding a medical study book in his hand.

“I have been all over the place looking for you” he said trying to catch his breath


“I just want to discuss some things with you” he said gesturing to her they begin their discussion while walking back to the classroom.

“What do you want to talk about David?”

“I heard from Hosanna your friend about what happened”

“What’s that?’ she questioned trying to feign ignorance. Hosanna couldn’t keep a secret or two especially with David who happens to be her brother.

“Stop doing that Amanda”

“Doing what?” she frowned

“Trying to keep people away from you just because you have it rough, we all do have it rough”

“I am not doing so at all”

“Oh, you have, especially for the past two months and a lot of the people in the class are worried, it isn’t like you… So they have sent me as the representative to talk to you.”

“But I’m okay, whatever your sister must have told you… don’t believe her at all… I’m alright. Can’t you see?”

He nodded negatively “I can’t see anything and to me, you don’t look alright at all”

“Whatever I say, you won’t believe me that I know… You trust your sister”


“Well, I can’t help it, blood is thicker they say” he grinned while gesturing with his hands and for the slightest moment Amanda found herself smiling at his expression.

“I got you there, you smiled… it has been a long time you smiled”

He was right, her days had been filled with tears and no smile. She felt relieved smiling even though it was for some seconds.

“So tell me, what’s wrong Amanda? I’m asking you as a friend and your class rep” he added class rep trying to sound a bit funny and authoritative but to her, he wasn’t.

 Letting out a deep breathe, she opened her mouth to speak… whatever compelled her she couldn’t say but she knew she let go of the words in her heart while David listened with rapt attention.

“You must be really troubled” he spoke concerned

“I am”

“Forgive me Amanda for what I am about to say” he turned to face her, Amanda stood waiting to hear what he has to say.

Here is How to personally know God: 

“I know you’re not a girl who believes in the God, my sister made it known to me… perhaps something happened that made you think God doesn’t exist even before this current incident of yours but right now I know not the words to say to you but the words from the book that has kept my sister and I despite losing our parents at a very young age”

Amanda listened and because she did, he continued

 “The book of Luke has something to say about your situation just like it does to me and my sister when our parents died while I was seventeen… Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And [yet] not one of them is forgotten or uncared for in the presence of God. But [even] the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not be struck with fear or seized with alarm; you are of greater worth than many [flocks] of sparrows.”

 He paused “It all lies to one thing, Amanda you’re loved even if not by your own father and his wife… you’re loved, cared for by the creator of the universe. It sounds absurd but it is the most comforting and realistic truth of your being”

   She spoke not a word, even when David bid her farewell with a heart praying his words were of effect in her life.

    And it was.

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She stood facing the sun with a smile on her face in her office, she would forever remember she was cared for, not only by man but by her maker, God.


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