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Georgia University, 1963

Denmark brought out his cellphone to put a call through to his family back at home in Nigeria, his heart filled with grief over the recurring failure he had experienced in his final defense. After a few dial, his mother picked up and from her excited tone he could almost picture her sitting on the cane chair outside the building of their old home back in the town with the cool breeze blowing on her wrinkled face, he could also see the smile plastered on her face as she picked the phone almost screaming happily to receive a call from her only child and while smiling his mother definitely would have either an open bible or book on her lap with her glasses rested on either book. He smiled at the thought while he replied over the phone to her unending questions.

“Mark my beloved… I must confess I’m glad you called”

“I know Ma; how do you do and what about Martha?”

“Dear son, we are all well taken care of by God as always; tell me about you? How is your studies going?”

“Well, going quite well and smooth…”

“That doesn’t sound like an excited you… what could be wrong?”

He was silent for few minutes yet his mother waited… she understood his silence and she waited for him to talk.

“The final defense … it is becoming more difficult than I thought”

“That’s unlike you mark… have you prayed about it?”

Her question made her smile, he couldn’t count the number of times and hours he had spent on his knees praying for the success of his defense.

“I did” he answered confident

“Then, it should be well son… if you did, it will be”

“But it isn’t ma… it isn’t at all… my professors are proving stubborn and I did try to make them see reasons since virtually they all are my friends”

“Mark, I will keep it in prayers so don’t worry; everything will surely be okay son”

“I don’t know if it will be… I don’t like the trend at all… the professor in charge of my project was a colleague of Dad and I have assisted him in his research times without number… I just don’t understand him again…The more I try to please him with my works, the more he rejects them saying it isn’t good enough… Until when will it be good?’

She could hear the despair in his voice, never for once has she heard him speak this way. He was hopeless and she felt he has lost all hope in prayers and even in the power of God to help him. Margret took in a deep breath before proceeding to talk not really knowing what to say, she let out “Mark, my son; stop trying to help yourself, it is helpless and tiring when you do… stop looking up to man no matter how convenient it is, it is high time you understand that the verse of the bible in Luke 1:37 refers to you in this situation… you have tried your best and yet it seems impossible; why don’t you do your little best and let God make it possible? Mark, with man it seems impossible but with God it is possible. Get to a point of absolute surrender in God’s mightiness, stop doing your best and giving God who is the almighty nothing to do, stop limiting your God, understand who he is and you’ll be greatly helped” Mark thought on her words, she was right… in one way or the other his mother was right.

The story is a figurative way of explaining a simple verse of the bible to us:

Luke 1:37  “With Man (this thing or whatever it is) is impossible but with God (sovereign one, the almighty) all things is possible. In the book of ANDREW MURRAY: ABSOLUTE SURRENDER; he said and I quote:

“The cause of the weakness of your Christian life is that you want to work it out partly, and to let God help you. And that cannot be. You must come to be utterly helpless, to let God work, and be God”.

The good news is that:

“This God lives today, and this God is the God of every child of His. And yet some of us are wanting God to give us a little help while we do our best, instead of coming to understand what God wants, and to say: “I can do nothing. God must and will do all.” Have you said: “In worship, in work, in sanctification, in obedience to God, I can do nothing of myself, and so my place is to worship the omnipotent God, and to believe that He will work in me every moment”? Oh, May God teach us this! Oh, that God would by His grace show you what a God you have, and to what a God you have entrusted yourself – an omnipotent God, willing with His whole omnipotence to place Himself at the disposal of every child of His! Shall we not take the lesson of the Lord Jesus and say: “Amen; the things which are impossible with men are possible with God”?

The words above are culled from the book of ABSOLUTE SURRENDER, not my words but the story was written by me. I pray that this post truly blesses someone and you may have the full revelation of who GOD truly is. Amen.


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