What Hebrews 13:6 has to say about God’s help in times of troubles

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Elohim!!! Elshaddai!!! On her knees, the only words she could utter from her lips were those representing the names of the lord as tears dropped down. She clasped the petite Bible on her chest, she had just read Hebrews 13:6 as the scarf covering her thick black hair fell. Clarissa as she was fondly called by her grandma kept her moist eyes shut uttering the diverse names of Jesus she knew best from her cradle as taught by her mother.

Adonai!!! She called out crying the more.


Clarissa sought for words to say in prayers but none came out, her sorrow spelt out in unending tears, who else could come through for her except her saviour? How was she going to face her foes? Just like David in the Psalms, she felt afflicted, falsely accused and forsaken by friends.

“Lord… Lord…” she mumbled sparsely feeling a connection with God. He seems so far away like he was tucked in a hidden box, somewhere not hearing her call his name. Clarissa wiped off her tears slowly with her index fingers, sniffling a tear she covered her face with the right hand wishing she knew just where God was in the several hidden boxes tucked away from her sight. Grandma always told her, whenever she feels God was so distant, she should search for him with all her heart and she would realize he has never left her alone but somehow Ma’s word resounds loudly in her ears as nothing but lies.

She rose up from the bed picking up the black scarf lying on the floor, her feet tapping softly on the rug as she moved slowly towards the kitchen to take a glass of water. Come what may, she would survive. God damn the media or whatever their opinion about her was. She would care less about what her peers thought or even what her superiors at work thought, she was going to survive with or without anyone’s help. Turning on the tap on the zinc as the fluid poured violently into the glass cup, she heard her phone ring.

Clarissa dropped the glass on the table as she picked up her phone, grandma was on the receiving end as her beautiful picture filled the screen of her phone, with a curve formed on her face she picked up the call.

“Darling.. How do you do? “was her first question, one that made her smile the more.

“Ma… Trust I will be okay”

“Baby.. I trust you will”

“Then I will be Okay Ma”

“Clarissa… ” she paused waiting for her reply


“I saw the news… I know you Clarissa, because you are my baby and I know you can never do such”

Her words calmed her “Thank you Ma, you are the first to tell me that”

“So.. Tell me Clarissa… What really happened? Talk to me” she pleaded softly like a true mother would.

Clarissa took hold of the glass cup filled with water, with the phone on speaker she walked quietly to the living room to take a seat, her body relaxed on the grey sofa surrounded by little pillows. Ever since the incident happened that cost her, her job, her reputation and dignity; no one had for once in the past weeks asked from her, her own side of the story.

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“Child.. I’m listening” she assured.

“The bankruptcy wasn’t my doing but Charles”

“You mean the Charles you brought home for last year’s eve? The one who boldly spoke on the TV that you were responsible for the crime. That Charles”

“Yes.. That Charles… He is” she nodded sadly

“But- how did it happen?”

” I was careless Ma… I trusted blindly… I thought Charles had a thing for me and I was so much intoxicated by the attention I got from him that I soon forget myself and my standard”

“Clarissa… You did no wrong having such feeling. He wronged you”

“I know Ma but it is too late… The night Charles came visiting at odd hours in the company, I was on duty and he came bearing gifts subtly… We discussed at length that night, I even told him my dreams and he listened… I was drawn because Ma, no guy who I was ever interested in listened unlike him… The next morning, Charles needed my help to sign a book, and I checked.. Really I checked Ma before signing on behalf of the manager… Somehow Ma, I was deceived “


“I didn’t know granny.. I didn’t but no one believes me… They didn’t at all since all evidences gathered by the police points accusing fingers on me. Everyone thought I had all the outrageous reasons in the world to steal the company’s fund considering the fact that I asked for a salary advance to start my business some months ago but Ma… I was framed”

“I know child… I know”

“I am lost Ma” she confessed resting her head on the sofa “Granny, I was praying this morning and I felt God’s distance yet the tears won’t stop flowing.. Pray for me Ma that I might come out victorious”

“Darling, it is normal to feel God’s distance in this troubling moment but don’t let go of your hope in him no matter what”

“Just keep me in prayers”

“Of course I will daughter.. You might have lost the court case as against Charles but this last ruling will be for your favour. God will surely take over. Daughter, don’t worry.” she encouraged

“God should do nothing but take over Granny… He should take over right now” she rubbed her forehead vigorously as she spoke.

“Clarissa.. You are never alone according to Hebrews 13:6”

Hebrews 13:6; she had just read that some minutes ago

The call ended and she felt more light than she had in days. The fear of the present and future would not cloud her eyes from understanding the supremacy of God.

Right there on the sofa, Clarissa slept off.

It had been days.

Hebrews 13:6 on God's help in times of troubles. We are never alone
Hebrews 13:6

What Hebrews 13:6 has to say about God’s help in times of troubles: The Writer’s opinion

We can boldly quote, God is there, ready to help; I’m fearless no matter what. Who or what can get to me? [MSB].- Hebrews 13:6

As a child of God, it is more natural to panic or be afraid in times of great troubles, even King David was afraid, but this verse of the Bible, Hebrews 13:6 fills the heart with great hope in God, that in the midst of troubles, we shouldn’t entertain fear but cast our eyes and hope in God who is very present in times of troubles. You will surely overcome, just trust in God.

Is this your first read from the searchlight series, and you wonder what it is all about? This should guide you, the searchlight verse is a form of writing a story using a particular verse in the Bible. On this series, the writer tells a story uniquely using a verse of the Bible.

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