My experience with a Reverend's car

My Rugged but Powerful Experience with a Reverend’s Father Car

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I was consumed by boredom after much search to charge my phone earlier that day.

But without luck, I gave up—while I sat on the bench outside my house in frustration— hoping to sing the chorus of “UP NEPA”.

Since there was no power supply to wrap up the summary of an ebook I was reading with my phone, I decided to continue reading a hard copy of John Maxwell’s book—that I’m holding tight in that picture.

Suddenly, I was arrested by the rocking sound of the generator that kept grinding out, a few distance from my house.

And like a hungry giraffe, I stretch out my neck to see where the “lucky noise” or “sweet sound” was coming from.

Seeing the bright bulb dangling on his wall, with great delight, I accepted from Reverend father’s generator, an invitation to “come” charge my phone.

I guess my prayers have been answered, as I pack the “packable” and rushed to refill my phone’s battery.

After plugging my phone with a sign of relief, the heat where my device was charging drove me out.

Well enough, I spotted Reverend father’s garage, with a flat step I could sit on and enjoy my brief stay while my phone enjoys its meal of electric current.

Seated on the step, I flipped open the book—diving my head into the page where I had paused at home to continue reading.

Clearly, I couldn’t tell how Reverend father’s car that wasn’t in its park shot at me a message I couldn’t resist, while meditating on a line that caught my attention in the book.

At the spur of the moment, I realized I was more interested in reading the deep message coming from the car, than John Maxwell’s book.

I know you’re thinking that I’m “crazy” telling you about a car that sent me a message without showing the car.

Kindly do a little exercise by obeying the direction of the blue arrow pointing to the deposit of the black soot behind me in the picture below.

My experience with a Reverend's car

That was how Reverend father’s car spoke to me —the power of legacy.

Although the car isn’t there, it leaves behind an undeniable message—even if the car wouldn’t be returned to that spot for life.

I believe that the car will not leave that black spot if it hasn’t been there for a while.

In others words, I think our life as Ambassador of christ will leave behind a mark on earth if we find the “garage” of our purpose, and grow there—where we belong.

Our assignment in life isn’t everywhere but SOMEWHERE—Mike Murdock.

And to fulfill the assignment, we must, like the car, STAY long enough in the garage of God’s PURPOSE for us, to leave a mark of impact for our generation and those coming behind us.

Where are you right now?

Are you driven by the winds of dissatisfaction that would blow you up, if you don’t park/stay/grow where God has SPECIALLY carved out for you in life? The garage of your Purpose?

Your garage of purpose is where you would find your tribes. The right association/irons that could sharpen your life.

THIS garage is the incubator of your gifts and talents to get hatched and be refined.

While you are pregnant, your garage of Purpose is the delivery bed for your vision to put to bed.

The most amazing thing is that where you are presently, you can make a decision.

A decision to change your direction— if wrong initially. OR keep growing—if you found yours already.

A decision to accept the fact that you have a spot in life where your impact MUST be seen, if not by men, but secretly by God Who gave you a REASON to live life with sense of assignment.

A decision to accept the fact that you’re irreplaceable. And that there’s a problem in life only your “uniqueness” can solve.

A decision into a determination to disappoint the grave and serve God/humanity with your gifts and resources. It could be as little, but big, as your irreplaceable smile that no one on earth can do exactly.

I challenge you with my garage of Purpose through my writing.

Don’t starve us what you can serve us. You have something I don’t have. You’re someone I am not—that makes our uniqueness a gift to one another in life.

Check the heart of your Maker in His Word.

According to Apostle Joshua Selman, God has instructed us to be fruitful in five different areas:

  1. In our Hands to work productively;
  2. In our Spirits to yield Character;
  3. In our Minds to birth Ideas;
  4. In our Mouths to produce Words of faith;
  5. In our Womb (marriage) to bear children;

Initiate a conversation with your Creator—in prayers, and patiently watch out, as the movie of your garage of Purpose plays out its script— with TIME and your preparation in the pursuit of relevant knowledge and skills.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful and profound piece, sir.

    Hmmm… I was uniquely created by God and no man can ever replace me provided that I stay glued to my purpose.

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