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The Christian Author Interview with David Victor – Episode 1

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Recently, Daachiever Blog opened its site with a wonderful offer for authors and writers, called the AUTHOR’S INTERVIEW, and if you have read any of our latest posts, you must have seen the flyer. In today’s episode, the first of its kind, we have a first-time author in our midst. He has a whole lot to share with us.

Daachiever: Can we meet you?

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My name is David Chikwendu, Victor. I’m a native of Amesi, Anambra State. My passion for writing started and developed through music. As a child growing up, I was exposed to music, lots of music. And that experience kind of shaped my love for words — which eventually led me to writing Poetry.
I started writing in 2016 as a year one student at the university, and I simply wrote summaries of the sermons I heard in church, drafting out messages from them, and putting up on Facebook. But, my love for poetry started in 2017, and it was intensified by hymns and the poetics of the Bible.

Daachiever: So, tell me; we all have a first time of writing, I do too; can you tell me what made you write for the first time?

David: My first time was after a sermon I heard in church. It has been years, so I probably cannot remember the topic of the message. But I knew back then, that sermons preached, inspired me to write a summary with a message for my Facebook friends. When I started, I used abbreviations for my word, but the intention to write was there, so I kept going.

Daachiever: This is your first time publishing a book, at least attaining the title author. How does it feel? Do you feel different?

David: Ohhhh! It feels great. It does feel different from just writing on Facebook or a blog. I haven’t felt this way before in my 3-4 years as a writer. The only time I had gotten money from writing, was when I got a menial job of writing reviews for online stores. It wasn’t easy, plus the pay wasn’t encouraging too. But having people pay to read your experience, your art and your work feel really really good.

Daachiever: You are right, we all feel good. Okay, here is another question. Tell us about your first book? Why did you write it? What spurred up the title and so on?

David: The book, Sunshine wasn’t something I planned on publishing. Writing about love as always been my specialty, but the poems written in Sunshine were meant for my diary. Why? Because they were written at a point, when I was catching feelings(giggles) for a girl. And you know how uneasy that can be for a Christian teenager that I was back then. So, in the haze of my love, crush, infatuation, or anything you call it, I gave this supposed lover of mine a name (Sunshine) first, because of her complexion and second, because of how she made me feel. So why did I publish the book? I published the book because some of the poems written in it revealed the decisions I made. Though I was cloud nine in love, the stand against sexual immorality remained grounded. I also published the book for lovers, couples, and people in love or relationships. I believed some of the words would help confess love to their lovers and even love them better in the best possible way.


Daachiever: What difficulties did you face while writing and how did you overcome them?

David: Like I said earlier, the poems were initially meant for my diary because I wrote them based on how I was feeling at that particular moment. But in the long run, I enjoyed writing it. I slowly shifted from writing from my heart to writing with my head. But it got to a point when I couldn’t write anymore, because the feelings were not there and I just couldn’t produce new lines again. So I stopped. I took a break, altogether abandoning it. Then after a short while, I came back to it, but this time with a message to pass and not just feelings to express. I wrote better when I realized I could pass a word, give a lesson instead of just expressing myself.

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Daachiever: Aside from songs, going to church, what other ways do you get inspiration to write?

David: I get inspiration from nearly everything. I realized most of my writings are on love, life, trauma, feminity, nature, and Christian faith. So most times, experiences inspires me to write, coupled with those I could learn from others. Another thing is my mood; this is where the traumatic part comes in. I write about my sad days, vulnerabilities, and insecurities a lot. I feel better sometimes after doing that because many times, I feel God reads them and comes to my rescue. People also inspire me, like a lot, especially family and friends. I’m quite an emotional person, and the words flow when the emotions are ignited. Nature inspires me too

Daachiever: Do you have authors you look up to?

David: Authors that I look up to?

Well, for now I’m writing anthologies so I look up to poets.

I look up to Jaachi Anyatonwu; he’s a poet/writer who has authored many books. I love the way he writes and everything other things he does. He’s a huge inspiration.

I also look up to Jackie Hill Perry and Rupi Kaur. They’re both poets. Jackie is a gifted spoken word artiste whose poetry carries sincere and beautiful messages. Her book “Gay Girl, Good God,” was brilliant. Rupi is a poet who has authored poetry books; she writes in such an endearing way. I love the way she paints pictures with words. These, among others, are the authors I look up to.

Daachiever: When was the happiest moment for you as a writer?

David: The happiest for me as a writer was becoming an author. Absolutely nothing beats that. Not even winning a contest will.

Daachiever: Is there anything you love aside from writing? And what are your plans for the future?

David: Aside from writing, I love music, but I can’t sing that well, but I think I’d do well as a songwriter. I also love photography and cinematography; I plan to enroll for a training on this skill and probably get my camera in the nearest future. Recently, i started developing untold love for teaching and education. I didn’t mention that I am a graduate of Educational Technology (laughs) so I’m a certified teacher and I can teach

Daachiever: Not many write Christian poems, have you been discouraged enough to switch lanes? What’s your advise to those in this category?

David: Anyone who does find Christian poems or books boring probably hasn’t experienced God in any bit. Hence, to them, it’s foolishness. But to those who have experienced even the tiniest bit of God knows that it’s powerful. But I would also say some Christian tagged poems or books may sound boring if God or His Spirit does not inspire them.

I am never tired of writing godly poems because the Christian Life is a journey, and now and then we’re facing or experiencing something new, everyday. For someone like me, who writes based on my present feelings and experiences, I never get tired, because there’s always a lesson learned, a hurdle scaled, a message to pass and a testimony to share. And I do all that by merely writing

Daachiever: Any words to your readers?

David: First, I want to thank those that have bought and read my book. I’m grateful to you all, keep praying for me (it’s essential) and also kindly follow up on my writing journey, with your mind at rest that I will never use my gift for anything that’ll dishonour or not give glory to God.

Hello, readers; I must confess, it has been really great interviewing a first-time author, David Victor. Guess what? So, David’s new book, Sunshine will be sold at a pocket friendly price and do you know, he is one of our brilliant guest writer on this website? His poem “Just Come” is widely read by lovers of this blog. To purchase a copy of Sunshine, message him here for more details on this one-time best deal:

Author's Interview on Daachiever Blog

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  1. I just got the book this morning.
    Actually, it’s been in my email since Sunday but I haven’t been able to go through the book. Knowing some of the poems I had read previously, all by David, I have no doubts that this would be a great read.
    I want to say a big congratulations to David for taking this great step, and also get ready for the subsequent journeys he would embark as a writer.
    I’m so proud of him.

  2. Wow! Thank you Zoe for your kind words. I’m glad you bought my book and also interested in the things I write. I pray it all continues and get better. Thank you once again my dear, this means a lot to me.

  3. Ohh Zoe! Thank you for your kind words, they really mean a lot to me. I’m glad you love my art and that you are always looking forward to the things I write. I’m glad you bought my book, and just as you’ve prayed, I believe there’ll be greater heights in journey.

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