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What do you do?
when you enter into God’s presence
and can’t dance
because you have bloodstains
on your hands
with chains shackled to your feet,
and the crushing weight of sin
keeping you down in your seat.

What do you do?
when the sermons in church
become like mere words to your ears
because there’s a grief in your soul
that quakes your heart with fear
and guilt that sits
behind the facade of your smile
with a sadness that fills your eyes with tears.

You just have to rise up
and let go of your grieve
’cause there’s joy in His presence
and He’s present to forgive.
just open up your heart and receive
the grace and mercy He’s offering to give
just come,
and of your burdens, you’ll be relieved
come, there’s freedom if you believe.

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David C. Victor is an authored poet, graphic designer, social media manager and a crazy lover of music. He writes mainly to express his thoughts, emotions, opinions and faith.


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