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The Christian Author Interview with Ojo Adewale – Episode 3

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On another episode of the Christian Author’s Interview, we bring to you beloved readers our discussion with OJO ADEWALE IYANDA. Did you miss out on the previous episode? Here is the link: EPISODE 2.

Daachiever Inc: Can we meet you? Your name and what you do online and offline?

An Interview with Ojo Adewale on Christian Author's Interview at Daachiever Inc.

My name is Ojo Adewale Iyanda, who believes what is worth doing, is worth doing well. A lover of God, missionary, Ghostwriter, Creative Writer, and Coach. I love teaching, writing, and reading. I’m the Director of U&I Consult Inc., a training and consultation hub on creative writing, reading, accountability partnership, and book publishing.

Adewale: Offline, I’m also the Lead Advocate at Book, Reading & Rhythm, an NGO committed to empowering secondary school students on personal development, capacity building, and nation-building by reading relevant books. I’m a graduate of Applied Chemistry from The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State.

Daachiever Inc: Tell us about your relationship with God and how it has affected your journey to becoming an Author?

Adewale: Being saved by grace through faith in Christ 7 years ago was the best thing that ever happened to me. My relationship with God through the years has taught me the importance of fellowship with the spirit, God’s plan for my life, and understanding his intention to make everything concerning me come to full stature. This has propelled me always to choose writing to exalt Christ and edify men.

Daachiever Inc: What made you publish your first book?

Adewale: Book? I should say ‘Books.’ I had two books published at a go this year. The first set of manuscripts I had at first, two of them had gone missing in the Year 2018, and I couldn’t help but feel frustration and a need to give up. I took off to my heels, dust myself off the ground, and began working on my third and fourth manuscripts this year. Those became my first book(s).

Publishing the two books was one of my goals this year on writing, so count down; I have two more books to go. I promised to publish four books. Poetry has always been seen as that part of literature meant for some set of genius. My goal while writing Kept Woman, one of the books was to make poetry as simple as it could be, with biblical allusion for believers relativity.

The second book titled ‘Being Enlightened’ was written to open the eyes of men, especially believers, to some virtues hardly discussed when it comes to personal growth and development.

Daachiever Inc: What do you think make a good book?

Adewale: Generally, what makes a good book is how well the words were written( obeying writing rules) and the method at which a message is passed to the target audience. But other criteria(s) is dependent on the Reader’s perspective about the book.

Daachiever Inc: Is there a correlation between one being inspired by God for a book and writing a book because you saw a need in your environment?  I mean, can I write a book based on my feelings?

Adewale: Yes, you can write a book based on feelings once you sense the need for it. There is a point where the need in your environment can be in alignment with God’s inspiration. Whichever way, acknowledge God.

Daachiever Inc: Why do you think some Christian books are not likeable? Many spend years in research, what is wrong with their book?

Adewale: Nothing is wrong with any book,  in my opinion. Once it is well written and nothing but the Truth is published. You can’t hide the truth forever, can you? But as Christians, we must be strategic about publishing.

An Interview with Ojo Iyanda on Christian Author's Interview at Daachiever Inc.

Daachiever Inc: What are the challenges you faced during and after book publishing?

Adewale: A lot of challenges. From not believing in myself to not knowing what to write again. Ignorance, I thought being an author is all about writing. I did not realize I needed an editor, proofreader, a book designer,  publisher, and lots more. I did not count my cost well,  but I now know better.  My publicity was poor also. My only challenge after publishing is to do better and horn my craft so that I can avoid pitfalls associated with publishing.

Daachiever Inc: Tell us about your first book? How did you feel publishing your book?

Adewale: As I said, I made mistakes, avoidable ones actually, but I was happy. About my books, Being Enlightened contains principles of life that are basic to climbing the ladder leading to prominence. Kept Woman (My Chronicles to Adun-Ni) is a deep reflection of love expressed with biblical allusion, and it is understandable to all men who wish to express biblical love.

Daachiever Inc: Is there more to writing, publishing for Christians than it meets the eyes? What basic rituals (permit me to say) must a Christian put in place before publishing?

Adewale: No special ritual actually except you wish to have one. Horn your writing skills well, especially on the genre you are writing on. Know what works for you and the style you are writing on. Count the cost and acknowledge God always.  The more you give attention to writing, the easier it becomes. Let Christ be glorified in all you do, and you will reap incredible results.

Daachiever Inc: Who are your mentors and motivators on the journey of being an Author?

Adewale: I love reading Myles Munroe and Ben Carson’s books. Their books shaped up my desire to be an Author.

Daachiever Inc: What do you do when you are discouraged?

Adewale: Worship God and talk to Him. I just let eternal songs penetrate my soul.

Daachiever Inc: Do you have any other book plans, what are they?

Adewale: I know better now. I have book plans, but that will see the light of the day when I have my book map or book outline ready.

Daachiever Inc: Any advice to upcoming writers on how to handle the world of social media as an Author and writer?

Adewale: Smiles, I am in that category also, up and coming,  who is yet to master the art of writing. My advice will be, don’t let social media change your message or conviction; it’s very crucial in this dispensation. Stay with the process, and don’t respect your mistakes.

Daachiever Inc: How can we get your books?

Adewale: To Download my e-books, click on the links below:

Being Enlightened

Kept Woman

Daachiever Inc: Any word for your fans out there?

Adewale: I love you all. Thanks for the gift of readership

Daachiever Inc:

And, there you have it our beloved readers from all parts of the world; interviewing Mr. Ojo Adewale brought back memories of my first time publishing; we all make mistakes and as Christians, learn to be schooled with the experiences of others.

Are you thinking of publishing your new book?

5 crucial steps before publishing that Christian Book

  • Have a goal before you begin writing; strategically map out your audience
  • Build a foundation of prayer for your about-to-be new book; DO NOT start writing without involving God in the process; that’s what distinguishes you as a Christian.
  • Get an editor, you don’t want to put off your readers with the first three pages.
  • When the book is ready, decide on what platform you wish to publish your book and the cost. Are you giving it out free or with a price?
  • Map out your plan of publicizing your book; I will advise you to speak with experts on this. Often, the day you begin writing, start talking about your book; it helps you build an audience. But, there are times, the spirit of God withholds you to keep silent about the book, it is IMPORTANT you listen.

For extensive read, here is a useful link: How do I publish my Christian Book? Are you thinking of what platform to sell and advertise your book; then you can count us in; we will be ready to have you join our teams of Christian Authors. Navigate to the CONTACT DAACHIEVER INC. Use any of the forms displayed on the page, and we will be in touch.

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