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The Christian Author Interview with Olakunle Gabriel – Episode 4

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We are here again; back and better on the Christian Authors’ Interview, we promised our readers to interview two Christian Authors at a go when the website is up and running. Read more about the name change and rebranding here: Daachiever Inc. Today, we are graced with the presence of a doctor in the making, OLAKUNLE GABRIEL

Daachiever Inc: Can we meet you? Your name, passion, what you do both offline and online?

An Interview with Olakunle Gabriel on Christian Author's Interview at Daachiever Inc.

Gabriel Olakunle is a passionate Inspirational Writer, Author, Biochemist, Medical Student, and Public Speaker. He is the President of The Scribes’ Writing Group and the Editor-in-chief of Wisdom Wheels Magazine

Daachiever Inc: How has your relationship with God help you on the journey to being an author? Is a relationship with God important for every Christian writer out there who wants to publish a book?

Gabriel: God is the secret of my success and inspiration thus far on this journey. More than any other thing, studying the Bible and acting promptly on it have helped my writing career a great deal.

Daachiever Inc: You write more of motivational and self-help books; what makes this niche endearing to you?

Gabriel: Being an Inspirational Writer looks like a calling to me. I’m called by God to give hope and encouragement to people. There’s nothing so satisfying like living on the divine purpose

Daachiever Inc: How do you deal with a lack of motivation towards writing? In actual fact, how do you overcome discouragement and challenges?

Gabriel: When you talk about writer’s block, I’ve hit a fix a couple of times. Most people, not just writers, face the problem of lack of motivation when success isn’t forthcoming. But with determination, resilience, and most importantly, God’s grace, I always prevail

Daachiever Inc: What was the striking point in your life spurring you to be an author? What did you see in your environment that you want to be corrected?

Gabriel: There is so much imbalance in human nature that needs quick correction. Each of the books targets a specific human need or problem and systematically solves them.

Talking about my journey as an author, I started out my writing career by developing inspirational articles each day which I posted on my school’s notice board at Osun State University, Osogbo. I was thrilled and overwhelmed by the positive comments and accolades that accompanied my write-ups. Most people commented that my works were timely as they meet the inner yearnings and thirst of their souls.

Daachiever Inc: Have you encountered people who make the effort put into your book not worth it? How did you deal with this? I mean, negative reviews, the disparity in opinions, hatred and all?

Gabriel: We always encounter ‘toxic people’ in life. When I started with my writing career, I told a clergyman about my intention, but I was shocked when he responded that ‘I can never succeed as a writer.’ Those words were like fire in my bones. I made up my mind to prove him wrong by providing some undeniable proofs. Up till now, I’m still proving him wrong! I see the good in every negative comment and use them to spur myself to greatness.

Daachiever Inc: Tell us about your first book? Can you say it was a failure or success? How did you handle the aftermath of it, the failures and successes?

Gabriel: The name of my first book is ‘Opportunities Abound.’ I wrote the book in 2014 but waited five years later before publication. My reason for this is simple; I tested all the principles shared in the book before giving them out for the world to try!

The book was a huge success and a primer to personal development, not just for me but also for all readers who read through. I have received loads of emails and critiques from people who commented that the book was a ‘word in season for them.’

Daachiever Inc: Do you believe in writer’s block or is a writer just being lazy?

Gabriel: I believe in Writer’s block. It exists, and it sucks when a skillful writer hits one of these hard bricks. You just have to find a way around this surmountable obstacle, sitting around it won’t make any positive difference. I overcome Writer’s block by easing up, taking a break, playing good music, and with bodily exercise.

Daachiever Inc: How were you able to discover and target your audience? You know, every book is not for everybody but for somebody and some people.

Gabriel: My books target the needs of those discouraged and confused. They serve as a guiding light through a dark tunnel for those who want to grow. Not everybody will read my books, but if you truly go through them, I’m sure that you will be divinely transformed from the inside.

Daachiever Inc: I know how hard writing nonfiction can be, at least I could use myself as an example. How were you able to carry your audience along without sounding boring?

Gabriel: People like stories they can relate with; they are like writers who are very real and practical. A couple of writers just dish out principles without telling their readers whether they applied them to their own lives or not. I don’t do that!

I practice the principles I teach first and then explain to readers how they have helped me before telling them to follow those same principles. If you go through my books, you can easily know so much about me. Stories, excellent illustrations, inspired quotes and jaw-breaking facts and statistics always steal the show for me

An Interview with Olakunle Gabriel on Christian Author's Interview at Daachiever Inc.

Daachiever Inc: What reaction or reviews from your fans/readers can you not forget? Something you treasure

Gabriel: I’ve received loads of reviews and positive responses from many people, one of such is that of a young professional who told me that my book ‘Principles of Management’ helped him to be more organized and disciplined. He had lived a careless, non-challant life before having an encounter with my book.

Daachiever Inc: Being a medical doctor, how do you juggle up writing with this? Is it not tough? I am wowed by what you put out, how did you strike a balance?

Gabriel: I believe consistency, discipline, and effective management skills have helped me a great deal. I make out time daily for ‘matters of purpose and destiny.’ Every aspect of my career matters to me, whether it’s writing, medicine, or public speaking. There’s nothing difficult to achieve if there are strong willpower and determination to succeed

Daachiever Inc: If there is one thing you wished to do right when writing or publishing your first book, what would it be?

Gabriel: I will say, Mock-ups! I didn’t do a mock-up for my first book. However, I’m a dedicated learner and this positive attitude has helped me a great deal to grow in this career. I keep learning something new each day.

Daachiever Inc: What is your greatest motivation? Are there authors you look up to and maybe, pastors?

Gabriel: My greatest motivation is seeing people’s lives changed positively after going through my book. So many people have been delivered from shackles of bad habits and addictions by practicing the principles I share in my books.

I look up to a couple of authors like Myles Monroe, Pastor John C. Maxwell, Pastor T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Hagin, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, and Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo.

Daachiever Inc: How can we get your books and any word from your readers/intending fans out there?

Gabriel: All my books are available for download at Smashwords
Just click on the link, and that would be the most excellent decision you ever made. If you have any problem accessing my books, you can contact me on my phone number (+2349038214691)

Daachiever Inc:

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