At the pool of Bethesda- A Bible story

At the Pool of Bethesda Episode 2- A Bible Story

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I thought my healing would come through the pool. Never had I thought of getting healed this way!

As a result of those mighty decree from the Master, strength came into my being. It happened like a dream!

I rose up like someone who never had infirmities, I took up my bed as commanded by the Master and Walked.

This is my story!

I am the man who got healed by Jesus at the pool of Bethesda.

At the pool of Bethesda- A Bible story 2

Lessons to learn from the story at the pool of Bethesda

All along, the faith of this man has been channeled towards the pool and on the Angel that comes to trouble the pool

No wonder he was busy making excuses. He had always believed his healing would come through the pool.

In the case of this man, Jesus went beyond healing him. He literally revealed His Lordship to him and His Authority to heal without consulting norm, shifting his focus from the pool, Angels, and Man to Himself.

Have you been in that condition whereby you think you can’t access God without consulting man?

Do you still pray to Angels?

Have you depend so much on man and less dependent on God?

Jesus is all you need not Man or Angels.


This is the word of Jesus to the man at the pool bedridden for years.
Jesus did not suggest helping him to rise but commanded him to Rise!

When we come to the end of human effort, Jesus offers strength to a willing Heart.

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Is your personal altar dead already? The Lord is telling you to RISE! The strength you need is made available.

Rise above your struggles, limitations and afflictions.

The years you have spent in that condition does not matter anymore, what matters is, your willingness to abide in His Love and stay in outright Fellowship with Him, Receive the strength to RISE in Jesus name!


Another express command from Jesus to the bedridden man.
I see Jesus telling him to take full charge of what has held him down for many years.

And I see him lifting it up putting its limitations to shame before everyone.

Is somebody not curious about Jesus telling him to carry his bed even before he walks?
It shows how perfect the healing was!

When the man that needed to be carried now carries what carried him, What a great healing!

Beloved, can you recognize your own bed?

What kept you down for so long?

What represents limitation in your walk with God?

Now that you have risen, can you take full charge over it? Kai!
Can you make mockery of that Sin that has kept you bound for so long?

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Then I see the similarities between this passage and Luke 9:23, when Jesus says he that must come after Him should deny himself (rising above his or her natural limit), take up his cross and follow Him”
Is someone doing that already? God’s Grace is sufficient for you!


Yes! You need to walk,
That is the evidence of your Healing.
Walking with God is now a possibility!
Walking in Fellowship!
Walking in Sonship!
Walking in Authority!
Walking in Glory!

To someone there with crippled spiritual life,
To that bedridden Brother or Sister,
To that crawling giant,
The Lord is speaking Life to your being.

I guess you are doing that already.
I call you Blessed!

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