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Becoming an attractive Deceiver

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Sometimes ago, in the morning, during my internship program. I passed by a shop where different snacks were being sold. The snacks were all looking good but their meat pie caught my attention. It was so attractive and comely. I fed my eyes with its beauty. The more I look at it, the more I crave it and I haven’t eaten that morning. But unfortunately, I was short of cash, so I reluctantly took my gaze away from it and focused on where I was going before I am tempted to buy with the little money on me, my transport fare back home. The thought came, but I gave a “get thee behind me, Satan” reaction to it. I can’t trek home!

Later that day, a friend came visiting my I. T place. I strolled out with him, and he withdrew some cash on our way. He intended to buy me a drink, but I said I prefer meat pie seeing it as an opportunity to gets what I had earlier craved for.

He bought the pie, got a drink for himself, we had a little table talk before parting ways with each other. So happy was I with the pie in my hand. Imagine that joy that fills your heart when you get your desires especially when you least expected. That was how I felt.

I went back to my I. T place, settled down to enjoy my pie with water. I was disappointed alas when I took two bites of the pie. The taste and fillings in it were nothing to write home about compared to how attractive and comely the pie was outwards. Do you know that feeling of disappointment? It was all written over me. It failed my expectations and here was I starving. This made me understand more how Jesus Christ felt when he couldn’t find any fruit on the tree despite its attractive look, green leaves but no fruits on it. I knew how Christ felt, disappointed and angry because He was hungry!

To the lesson in this story, your choices in life, especially with critical ones, must not be based on what attracts you or what you see alone, the content also matters. Your decision and cravings must not be what is pleasing to your sight alone, be sure you can be satisfied with the content too.

Samson made his choice of life partner based on what he saw, he didn’t bother to confirm if his choice was in line with what God wants for him or not. He made sure he got what he wanted like I made sure I got my pie and the end for him was betrayal and destruction because of the choice he made. The end of his life was disappointing.

When choosing your marital partner, don’t let it be based on what you see alone, don’t base it on the gifts you see! Be sure the content in him or her such as character, virtues, belief are in line with God’s standard. Be sure the fruit is there. Don’t be deceived!

Also, don’t pretend to be who you are not. Be real! Save the people the pain of moving closer to you with the expectations that you will meet their needs and later be disappointed. Don’t pretend to be who you are not. Be fruitful. Don’t be an Attractive Deceiver so you won’t be cursed like the fig tree.

Don’t do things outside the will of God! Let the Holy Spirit lead you before taking any step.

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