An Illustration of Sodom and Gomorrah: Come Home

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Being tossed by the winds of life,
And the dry winds of the day,
There appears as if there is no help from above,
Looking up to the sky it seems that heaven has shut the door against you,
You have felled many times upon dust,
Being drunk from the waters of Mara you uttered bitterness against God like the Israelites to Moses,
There seems to be no hope,

“I have tarried long here,” you said,
Let me go to the other side, peradventure my soul will find refuge.
You cleaned off the dust on your garments,
And to Sodom you sojourner,
You made Gomorrah, the land of filthiness your abode.

In Sodom, you dined in strong wine and meat,
In Gomorrah, your delight was in her damsels of harlotry,
You have found peace at last,
The peace that the world gives which is just for a while,
It flourishes for a little time and fades away,
You knew pleasure more than King Solomon,
Your robe’s clothed with sin,
Your heart is contrite against repentance.

Come Home

Sodom and Gomorrah,
The city of atrocities,
The den of thieves, smugglers, and dirty merchants,
How well have thou prospered in iniquity,
Thou has made men yearn for ungodliness,
And have caused the young ones to seeking vanities,
For gold, you have killed,
For silver, you have laid waste,
For the money, you have wasted destinies,
For a loaf of bread, a harlot is hired,
For in you, many turned to pleasure and detested the call of God.
And gladly have they breathed sin.

To every man,
He gives time for amendment of life,
To answer His gracious call of salvation without a price,
He made the all-sufficient sacrifice on Calvary,
His blood is still enough to cleanse thee,
Turn around Oh ye dwellers in Sodom,
Seek his face Oh ye inhabitants of Gomorrah,
He has stretched out His loving hands and his face filled with mercy and compassion,
He is the loving Father,
The Good Shepherd,
He who does not delight in the death of a sinner,
But unto him, that repent a crown of life.
With a smiling face and yearning voice,
He calls you to come home.

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