Do not be defeated, Oh Child of God

Do not be Defeated, Oh, Child of God.

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One of the most challenging burdens you can carry when you are experiencing tough times is that your life is uniquely miserable, and that tough time is peculiar to you, which is a big lie. Success comes with tests; everyone has their share of hurdles, but most people choose to be happy despite all obstacles, and you can do the same too.

Press on, move on, keep trying, with determination and continuous efforts, you’ll reach your goals. Make sure the number of times you rise is always higher than the number of times you fall by one, never remain on the ground; even when you cannot run, walk, your little steps count.  

Do not be scared of failure; failure means you left your comfort zone and did something and that you have another chance to do better, always let your love for success be more than any fear of failure you might have.  

Whenever you feel God is not saying yes to what you are praying for, know that God’s answer can be no because he has a better plan. So, watch all the pieces of your puzzles come together for your advantage. When you are discouraged, remember everything you have survived. Have the assurance that you have it within you to overcome whatever comes next.

Grow into the best version of yourself.   The final year is always harder and more demanding than other years of the undergraduate because it’s almost over, and that’s how tough times are too, it’s hardest when it’s about to be over and give way for better days. It’s darkest before the dawn of new things. You don’t need to worry, free your mind from anxiety. Worry and fear have never solved any problem.

Do not be defeated, Oh Child of God

Be exceptionally willing to do what it takes to make it, see beyond barriers, amazing things are possible if you believe.  Know that you are unique and special, no other person created can do what you are designed to do like you, your difference is your blessing, you are divinely endowed even if you can’t feel like it is true, you have all the abilities you need inside of you.  

This is not a promise that it will be easy, but to let you know that even if it’s not easy, you can walk courageously through it, and it’s also an assurance that the harder it is, the more significant the breakthrough. Be that particular kind of person that will never give up.   Anytime good things fall apart, it’s always so better things can come together even if it doesn’t make sense at the moment.

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You may not understand, and you may not get what you want all the time, but God’s never wrong, he has you in mind, and he’ll do the best for you, he can take you farther than your best imagination, never has he failed. He will not start with you, and leave you when it seems like all hope is gone, he’ll help you cope, he’s with you in the darkest of times. If God brought you this far, and you are still alive, he didn’t bring you this far to stop here, be of good cheer.

From every challenge comes a path to the next level, so when problems arise, look on the bright side, the most beautiful rainbows we see comes after a cloudy rain, even if you couldn’t control the past, what about now, you have a right to choose how well it ends, be relentless. Let it not be heard that you gave up; your trials must not be your end, rise, fight the challenges or failure back, and be who God created you to be, Oh Child of God!          

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