6 proven ways through which you can hear God

6 proven ways through which you can hear God

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The subject of hearing God speak has caused a lot of people to give up because their ideology is that they can’t hear God; only their pastors or spiritual leaders can.

God speaks to everyone and in as much as you’re his child, you can hear him no matter your age. God is speaking but you can’t hear him is why you’re still asking how can I hear God? To hear God boils down to your relationship with him. Only those who know him can hear his voice.

John  10:27 says; My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me

To hear has to do with recognizing and listening to someone.

You can recognize your parents’ voice anywhere anytime because you have a relationship with them that has grown over time. That’s how it’s with God also, if you don’t have a relationship with him, you can’t recognize his voice when he speaks. Your relationship with him first before your desire to hear him. God has made all things beautiful so that you don’t need an intermediary to know what he’ll have you do all the time. The problem a lot of people have that pushes them into making mistakes is that they can’t hear God.

If you depend on your head or feelings to lead you in this cruel world, you’ll miss it. So to the question— how can I hear God? I’ll discuss 6 ways through which you can hear God, let’s get started.



This is the foundation of all other ways through which you can hear God. Any other means you can hear God speak to you through has to pass through his word for confirmation. His word contains enough instructions to guide you through your lifetime. Everything that you’ll fulfill on earth is written in his word.


Association here means relationship and relationship doesn’t only mean courtship but everyone you’re associated with— friends, family, and anyone. You’re not a sub-god, you communicate and God can speak to you through communicating with other people. This is why you can’t just have anybody as your friend. I love to talk about association a lot because it can either make or mar you and I’ve once been a reflection of a negative association. Your association has a role to play in your life. It’s not just the funny things that matter, can God speak to you through the people you have ad friends presently? If you have the right association, God can speak to you through them.

Those words might not be spelled at you directly but you can be able to connect dots when in a
conversation with them if you’re sensitive. Someone can just decide to share a struggling experience and you’re going through the same thing, God can be saying— I came through for this person, I’m coming for you also— just hold on. These are some of the little things that matter in life.

6 proven ways through which God speaks to you


Daniel  2:19 – Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven. There are certain people whose dreams or visions are always accurate because that’s the dimension. God has chosen to reveal his intent to them. But there’s a need to be careful because the devil is a manipulator and can manipulate these things. Whatever you see through this means, you need to go back to him in prayers and press for confirmation.


Your inward witness and voice are not the Holy Spirit. The inward voice is what is referred to as the still small voice while your onward witness is your intuition. Your spirit has a voice and it can speak to you. God doesn’t always want to talk about spiritual matters, your inward witness can also tell you whether something will work out or not. You can’t use your head if you want to journey with God. Your spirit knows things that your head doesn’t know because the Holy Spirit is in your spirit.

Since the Holy Spirit abides in your spirit, it’s your spirit that’ll pick up things from him and pass them to your mind which will be communicated to you through the still small voice or inward witness. You might be thinking that why my spirit, isn’t also my flesh? What I want you to understand is that your spirit is your inward man and it’ll never lead you astray.

1 John  3:9 – Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. Your flesh is the outward man and it’s your outward man that’ll always want to make you do the bidding of your flesh.


Acts  10:19 – While Peter thought on the vision, the Spirit said unto him, Behold, three men seek thee. It wasn’t Paul’s spirit that spoke to him here, not his feelings, it was the Holy Spirit. His voice is real and audible and you would think someone is standing by you but it’s within you.


This doesn’t just happen in a day, it’s how much you’ve stayed with the Holy Spirit that you’ll recognise the signs you see when specific things want to happen. It’ll have happened more than once or twice before you can call it a sign and start acting on it or you might get an instruction from God that these are the signs I’ll show you when certain things are about to happen.

These signs are not for you to generalise or believe that everyone around you must also see those things for specific things to happen. No, they are not generic. All these means I explained here lead you back to the first point which is the Bible. Always judge whatever you see or hear by his word.

1 Thessalonians  5:21 – Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. My focus is to prove all things. Test all things, try everything you hear with his word. Whatever you’ll hear God say to you can never resonate with your flesh, it’ll be against it. If anything you hear contradicts the word of God, it’s a lie. Whatever it’s that the Holy Spirit or your inward witness will lead you to do won’t contradict the Bible.

You can always judge if your spiritual experiences are right or wrong simply by judging them based on the word. If you get to a point where some things you hear from God seem to be bigger than you and you’re in a state of dilemma, ask God for confirmation. Let him confirm what he has told you through someone you hold in high esteem who might not be aware of the situation beforehand. With these ways, I want to assure you of help from above.

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