Annual Easter series- The Blessedness of his resurrection

Easter Series: After his death- Arimathea

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DISCLAIMER: This is an Easter series written to celebrate and remember the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus, our savior. The account of this story is taken from Matthews 27,28


His calloused hand held mine, he squeezed it for seconds, his eyes not leaving mine. He must have read my mind when he smiled

“I am not going anywhere” he promised holding my chin

“You said that some years ago” I sulked with my face on the ground

“Look at me, Bella”

I obeyed, he must have something to say. Anything, I would listen

“I love you”

I blushed while he laughed lifting me off from the ground. I was my father’s favorite daughter indeed. My mother walked in with a brown bag filled with groceries

“This is beautiful” she said walking closer to us

“Bella must be happy”

“Of course” I answered without thinking

She laughed planting a kiss on my head and then on my dad’s cheek. I stared at them feeling full and happy.

“Darling, the Collins are coming for dinner tonight. Grandma is bringing some of her friends over also” Dad husky voice spoke

“I must confess; this Easter will be a busy one. Bella, come and assist me in the kitchen” she called walking over to the kitchen with the groceries bag on both hands

“Mum, the magic word”

She turned to face me trying not to frown; my dad was looking lost; he had been away for years to know what the phrase meant

“Really Bella?”

“Am I missing something? What’s the magic word?” Father jumped in

“Princess” they chorused in sync looking at him

Hanks bursts out laughing “Bella Princess” he teased

“Yes, I am at your service” I chortled

“Come here, dear. We have a lot of mouths to feed”

“I am coming”

My dad smiled watching me tiptoe to the kitchen giggling


Grandma walked in through the door; my mother taken with surprise watched as ten to twelve people entered the house

“Mum” my father stared finding it hard to believe

“Son, they all wanted to meet you. That’s why they came”

“But- mum…”

“Don’t worry, they won’t be here all day”

“Mum, don’t use that word again. You said the same thing back then, remember?”

“Your wife isn’t complaining or is she?” Grandma smiled at mum who returned the gesture with an halfhearted smile.

Hanks sat down back on the sofa displeased “Easter indeed” he mumbled

“Darling, the more, the merrier” Grandma said patting him on the back

“Meet my son” she introduced smiling “He is a soldier, navy or… son, help me”

Hanks kept his head down when Grandma pinched him on the thigh “Courtesy son”

“Peace be unto the house” a familiar voice spoke; my father rose off from the sofa delighted

“Pastor” he greeted

“You are welcome”

Pastor Collins looked around surprised at the crowd “I never expected this”

“I am surprised also” Hank replied smiling

“Well, the more the merrier” he said winking

“Thank goodness, someone thinks like me” Grandma spoke smiling as she greeted the pastor “I never knew you were coming, I would have brought in more people”


“What? Why are you complaining?”

“It is alright mother” the pastor softly spoke trying to maintain his smile


“Mrs. Vince; thank you for the meal”

“Thank you for coming sir” Hank replied while his daughter and wife kept the tables clean. Grandma walked over to them patting his wife on the shoulder

“Thank you for feeding the homeless dear” she appreciated


“More will come next year if Christ tarries”

Mother looked at her short of words, she then smiled at her “No problem granny, next year”

The Significance of Easter
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Grandma sat on the cane chair looking at the starry sky as she spoke “We are here today because the prophecy was fulfilled; this time of the year fills me with joy I can’t explain”

“That’s significance of Easter” Pastor Collins chipped in

As we all sat down outside the house that night, I looked at everyone seated and I smiled.

“Let’s play a game” Grandma spoke excited

“Game?” Hank repeated

“Yes, it is a simple one; so don’t you worry” she smiled

Everyone turned their faces to look at her when Grandma picked up her Bible from her bag.

“Let’s talk about the events after the death of Jesus, you pick a character and we discuss about the lessons learnt; I have three characters I wrote down in my jotter some days ago”

“That sounds wonderful ma” Collin excitedly spoke

“The characters are Joseph, the Arimathea, Pharisees, Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of James. The task is simple” she paused adjusting herself on the cane chair

“We will discuss on the character, their actions and the lessons we learnt from it. I will begin so I can give you all time to prepare. I will be speaking about Joseph, the Arimathea”

“It sounds exciting” Hanks spoke clapping his hands together softly

“Of course, this weekend is sacred; we should together discuss on lessons we can glean from the account of Jesus’s disciples about the resurrection of the Son of God”

“I will speak on the Pharisees” Pastor Collins immediately proceeded to pick up his Bible in the sitting room

“I will discuss on the two Mary’s” one of the elders in disheveled hair spoke

“Of course, Gabriella. You should” Granny said smiling at her

“Bella, come around. You seem to be the youngest among us. Sit beside me” Granny called stretching out her hand to receive me. I smiled as I sat beside her

“Let’s pray” Pastor Collins suggested as the whole crowd responded positively with their eyes shut to pray


“Amen” they chorused

“Granny, over to you” Pastor gestured

“Thank you, son”

“An account of Joseph, of Arimathea after the death of Jesus. Some of the lessons I will share is from Matthews 27:59,60. Joseph wasn’t popular in the Bible unlike his disciples because he was a secret follower of the savior but after the death of Jesus, his actions retain many lessons for Christians to put to practice”

“First, the law of honor; Joseph Arimathea understood the law of honor. He honored the savior even after his death, he asked for the body of Jesus from the Pilate and laid his body wrapped in clean linen at his own new tomb. For his singular deed, I am sure Joseph would have been blessed by God. Many believers disregard the law of honor; they believe being rich does not warrant them to honor and respect the king of kings. Take an example from the rich man of Arimathea, he never allowed his riches to stop him from serving the King of the world”

“As we celebrate this Easter period in remembrance of the heroic deed of Jesu son the cross, we should ask ourselves this; in what way have we restrained honoring God either with our substances, life, time and heart? God demands our all because he gave all for us on the cross withholding nothing back. Joseph, of Arimathea, could have turned blind eyes to the body of Christ or he could have laid his body at the general sepulcher in the town, but no; a man who understands honor knows that honoring someone means giving your best”

“Lastly, if we call ourselves disciples and Children of God; we have no right whatsoever to be ashamed of Christ. Joseph, although he had been a secret disciple of Christ, decided to step out into the limelight making a bold declaration that he was one of Christ’s. In our community, household, workplace; have we been afraid of stepping out for the savior? Remember, Jesus died for us on the cross unashamed”.

“The celebration of this season is to let us understand that boldly declaring Christ should be our priority. Lift the risen Christ up, because he died for humanity UNASHAMED. Be UNASHAMED for the cause of Christ” Granny put an end to her words closing the red-lettered Bible on her laps.

“Thank you for sharing mum, I learnt a lot”

“Thank you, thank you” one of her friend mouthed

“Let’s keep the lessons to heart” she said

“Pastor, you are up next”


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