Is eternity real? Is eternity empty

Eternity isn’t Empty, Here is Why

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One evening, I was just refreshing my soul with some Acapella tracks by Riverside Church of Christ Burlington, Oklahoma, USA. I had followed up with some isometric exercises and made for the bathroom for a cold bath.

While the shower rained its contents on me, I began to ruminate over a couple of things. An acquaintance had recently passed, and his death at a young age (in his early thirties) elicited fading memories.

By the time I left the bathroom, my fingers began to string sentences on my phone screen.

We are fellow travelers in time.

In addition, we soar and float on faith, fate, and chance.

All things being equal, destinies are reached just by making choices.

Slowly and surely, we keep going and times keep changing.

In some cases, they change but remain the same.

Before this dispensation of time, there was a ‘timeless’ time otherwise known as eternity.

Phew! I never knew that I would be in a position to write a piece related to eschatology. I must confess it can be scary. But, what can we do? Death won’t fail to knock on the doors of everyone. It marks the transition to another realm.

Always trying to avoid talking about it gives it more room to emasculate us with its mystery.

Which one is better? If we talk about it, we will die. If we don’t talk about it, we will still die. Like one man said ‘all die nah die.’

Is eternity empty? Is heaven or hell real?
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Meanwhile, it’s important to know or remember that eternity isn’t empty.

Is it?

Why is time significant if there’s no eternity? Conversely, if there’s no time, there’s no eternity.

The drives, desires, and destinations of time wow us. Life and its offerings are at our beck and call. We choose to fuel and satiate our lusts. We control. We enjoy. We celebrate. It’s awesome because we all have it in our hands. Sometimes, events are beyond us.

At every civilization, all we see is limited to what others said and what we see. That’s the beauty of history. Present experiences can’t afford us a future, but we can only predict it. We can only make preparations as posterity beckons. 

Every day, there are opportunities for us to embrace Providence. Beyond time and subject to the limits of our imagination and extent of perception we can’t really quantify this Providence. 

We would rather embrace the opportunities; opportunities that bear no personality. That’s why they keep showing up as things or as things through other things or even people bearing things. Their forms and sources don’t commit to any affiliations.

Why not embrace Providence?

Providence is the principal of opportunities. Providence is expressed in Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence. Even if you don’t want to acknowledge as ‘who,’ Providence is still ‘something of unimaginable descriptions.’

When we talk about Omniscience, the human mind can only presume or assume a certain knowledge base, but this isn’t enough.

What about Omnipresence?  It’s more difficult to fathom. It makes no sense. It sounds insane and insane. Who wouldn’t think so? 

When you talk about Omnipotence, you begin to see the unlimited and uninhibited ability to do things. Yet, this capability is unquantifiable. 

Here we are laying hold to only a shadow of the shine or brightness because, in our knowledge at this level, we still see in parts and know in parts. Even the quantity we want to quantify is unknown.

So, Providence isn’t a force. Maybe, that’s a reflection of what we can understand. Interestingly, it is explained by far more than that. Sometimes, one might wish it is. I have come to realize that fear of accountability and lust for unlimited freedom pushes many to doubt the personality of Providence.

The clock ticks. Some go with a click, and others fade by the twitch. The mortality keeps giving in to wear and tear in bits. One day, the body begins to give way. On your death bed, recollections and reviews take center stage. Nothing that ever happened mattered anymore.

Things that never happened begin to mourn their belated significance. For those privileged enough to have this ‘winding down’ protocol of the Grim Reaper’s visit, the reality of eternity slaps you on the face.

A life well lived or life that is now proven to be unwell? The choice is yours to make. On that bed, what will be the prevalent feeling and prevailing thought in your mind? 

Mind you; the future can easily tell the story of the past. Unfortunately, the past isn’t educated enough to boast of this class of brilliance ascribed to the future.

It can only make predictions and, in many cases, makes metaphysical alliances to create a live stream of prophecies. While predictions and prophecies are similar, since they make use of evidence, they differ on the basis for their authorities. Prophecy stands on the premise of the otherworldly and is quickened to share its messages. 

Predictions just collate visual cues and make projections and outline possibilities and probabilities. Having this in mind, while humanity experiences this interplay of forces, principles, principals, principalities, the significance of this amalgam of experiences imply that there’s something beyond time.

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The things that lie beyond time cannot be explained and grasped with a mindset subject to time’s whims and fancies. We can equally vacillate between diverse world views, delude ourselves that there’s no first cause of this earthly cause. Keep up with the pursuit of knowledge. There are many ancillaries attractive enough to distract one from the crux of this age. 

My friend, believe it or not, where we are isn’t due to an accident of matter or imaginations and data. There’s a beginning. There’s a now. There’s an end. There’s eternity! How can eternity be empty when time is filled with many things that are yet to be fully utilized? 

It’s time to connect or reconnect with your first love, the salvation story is the redemption story mankind needed to be part of. It’s time this story becomes your own story. Time may not be on your side the next time. Your earthly journey is encased in your body but your soul will testify of this life in eternity.

Dr. Uchenna U. Ozoekwe PT, MD wrote this blog post. He is also known as Bethany Blaze. He is a Content Craftsman & Personal Transformation Advocate who blogs at

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