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The Basis Of Every Purposeful Living: Passion Without Borders

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“Tell me the truth, son”

Deji stared back at his father “About what, Dad?”

” Are you willing to devote your all to what you wrote in that paper?”he asked pointing at the brown envelope on the glass table.

“Dad” Deji called

“I asked you a question, I demand an answer” he sternly responded

“I…. I..”

“Ehn ehn,.. what happened? You don’t know?”

“I am not ready to make a promise”

His father laughed softly “You said the same words two years ago; I just pity you. How can you claim what you aren’t prepared mentally for? You cannot be a painter if you haven’t mastered the stroke of the brush”

“Dad. .”

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“You see Son… sit down” he touched him on his right shoulder with care and rapt attention

Deji and his father sat on the black sofa “Listen to me”

“Okay, dad”

“If truly you feel you have the vision to be a business owner; you have to learn the basis. You can’t be idle each day and expect a sudden catapult from what you are right now to someone commanding thousands. Vision without you getting the basic foundation laid is going to collapse. I want you my son to understand that there’s no meaning to purpose, if the person is not willing to be passionate. Besides, the pathway to fulfilling destiny is neither a smooth one, learn the basis, begin something and never eat the bread of idleness each day. You should never start something you aren’t confident enough to complete”

“Thank you, Dad” Deji prostrated on the floor

Readers, have you got a vision?

A goal?

A life commitment?

A passion for something?

A choice to make?

A purpose?

You can achieve anything you want in life, as long as you never let go of a passionate mindset. Purpose is without meaning if the mindset is displaced. Get passionate for what you desire to become years to come.

Cheers to a greater you..

You can BECOME

See you tomorrow!!!


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