We have Nothing to LOSE if we know what we have GAINED

Kudabo Victory

“I can’t believe you Steve” he murmured

“I am not telling a lie, it is the truth” his reply was firm

Matthias paced round the four walls of the room unable to accept what his friend told him. How could he? How could he be so brazen about his decision? He stared back at him with displeasure tapping his feet against the wall.

“So…tell me; I am the sinner here” he stuttered

“I never said that, you did”

“You know you are been foolish Man. I never asked you to kill anyone for Pete’s sake; all you had to do was sign the document”

“I can’t Matthias, you know I can’t “

“Why?” He scoffed

“Because you are a Christian and I am not?”

“Not that, you know it goes beyond that”

“Then what? We do this always together, closing deals and all, signing documents. I believe we had the spark for this”

“You mean spark for fraudulent activities?”

“I didn’t mean that; stop pretending to be a saint. This isn’t your first time, I just don’t know what suddenly came over you “

Steve resting his back against the steel door answered “I accepted Christ, that’s what happens. I have gained him as my saviour”

Matthias giggled “What’s with that serious tone of conversation?”

“I accepted Christ” he mimicked laughing at himself

“Stop that Mr. Man, stop trying to be what you are. I know you so don’t tell me garbage”

“Look, Matthias; I don’t care if I lose my job and reputation. I don’t care what people will say; I know what I have gained and I am not ready to let it go for anything. Believe it or not this is me now. I have changed”

Always so brazen!!! Matthias thought

“Let’s wait and see if this so called sudden change will stand the test of time, oh thou righteous man” he hissed walking away from the room.

Beloved, if you know what you have gained: you really have nothing to lose.


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    Great quote. The story did justice to the quote. Bravado!

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