Follow your Heart: A Poem

Wherever it may lead you,

Follow your heart;

Do not take the words of others seriously;

They only wish to drag you down

Follow your heart,

Follow that dream,

Do it afraid; if it makes you happy

Follow your heart,


Follow your heart;

Follow your heart,

A little step is a little leap,

A little leap, a little movement

A little this, here; a little, there;

For little drops of water makes a mighty ocean

Follow your heart while it is still beating

Follow your heart while the passion is still burning

Follow that heart so you can be proud of yourself;

Follow your heart, it doesn’t really hurt to do that

Or does it?


  • Stay true to yourself; never live your life to please others. Your happiness matters
  • Do it afraid, no matter what even when you are scared to do the right thing or say the right word; learn to do it afraid.
  • Be intentional about your progress in life; if you truly desire progress in life and you wish to feel alive every day; then be intentional about and follow your heart unafraid.
Follow your heart; let the rhythm be your guide

Quick Question: Should you follow your HEART or your HEAD?

Comment below….

Let’s hear your own view?

See you tomorrow!!!

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