His death to His Cross – A Poem

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There are tombs that ain’t empty

Graves full of immovable bodies

Just like sunrises, people shine

Like it sets, people die!

But I know of a tomb that is empty

Though he was laid in it

But the tomb couldn’t restrict his power

He was laid in the tomb, but didn’t live in the tomb

He was dispersed and painfully abused

Yet he kept silent

He wasn’t violent but was laid as one

He was sentenced to death without a free trial

He was called useless

Suffered and endured great pain for others

Wounded and crushed for unguilty sins

Took the punishment though he was blameless

Many looked at him on the cross

And thought that was all

He breathed his last on the cross

He was carried away to be buried

Oh! See the pain of losing a loving— loved man

The healer couldn’t heal himself of the pains

The nails burst his veils, he wept and shouted

My Father! Where are you?

Even groaning can cause dryness of throat

The pain by his side caused a great discomfort

A sinless man hanged on the tree like a chicken

And the sinful ones were mocking him

All these happened,

For the word to be fulfilled, that

God loves humanity and came to die,

For them to live.

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