What must I do to be saved?

Sirs, What Must I do to be Saved?

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I have dwelt so much on salvation and God’s greatest gift to mankind, that I forgot there is a condition to be met, a Question to be asked, ‘What must I do to be saved?’, and a willingness to surrender and let go.” Francis began his message the Sunday morning.

For a week, the burden was laid on his heart to preach about salvation to his 50, maybe not more than 100 members in his newly established church.

You have dwelt too much on prosperity and good gifts, you are neglecting the main message of the church I have called you to begin; those were the words he read from a magazine, he couldn’t even recall how it got there in his study room.

“Men, and brethren; what must you do to be saved?” He asked the congregation, he could feel their hot stare; what was happening to their pastor? They must be wondering.

He had promised himself not to preach about salvation, starting up his church last month, he studied the trend of things in the neighborhood, the community was filled with folks having large pockets.

“Darling, if we must have members; how about we talk more of prosperity, you can speak of salvation lightly.” His wife, who he least expected could suggest that spoke to him last week.

” I ask again, what must you do to be saved?. It is not by giving gifts, nor coming to church regularly with no changed lifestyle. The keeper of the prison fell at the feet of the apostles, with a question on his lips, what must I do to be saved?” He asked, this time quietly. The congregation stopped staring, some murmured, while others showed remorse.

If only one person could be saved today through this message, then God it is more than enough. The church is yours, you will bring the increase. He thought within, how was he able to surrender his will to God? He wondered, but gratitude filled his heart.

“Men, and Brethren; what are you willing to do to be saved?” He asked for the last time, surprisingly, his wife bent her head down, praying.

Some of the congregation were on their feet, running to the furnished pulpit. Others knelt while crying.

His voice was louder than he imagined, as he boldly declared “You must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved. Are you willing to believe?”

He had watched Billy Graham speak from a young age, right now, he felt himself speaking like him.

Many who were on their knees ran to the pulpit, his wife joined them. What was happening, God? I haven’t even preached for so long.

Obedience is key. He heard the voice softly.


The Question: What must I do to be Saved?
What must I do to be saved?

To experience the greatest gift of salvation, you must be willing to surrender; there is a question you need to answer, and there is an action that must follow your answer.

Either Yes or No

You either accept God’s gift or reject it. It is two-sided. The keeper of the prison knew his frailty, he couldn’t save himself. No wonder he knelt before the apostles in surrender, with a question that demanded an answer on his lips; “What must he do to be saved?”.

The sad truth is, many religious folks know the answer to this question, but they deny the power in it. They delay it every day, their salvation, so they are not the odd one in their family, among friends, or in a secular organization.

You may claim to believe on the death of Jesus on the cross, how he died to save you from sins; but if you are not willing to confess; your belief is nothing.

The question comes again, this time differently; ” Are you willing to confess him as your Lord and personal saviour; not for personal gains, but a relationship with your creator?”

Men and Brethren, there is something that you can do to be saved. BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS.

Are you willing to believe?

If you are: repeat this prayer after me

‘Lord Jesus, I am sorry for all my sins; I know about your boundless love, but I still find it easy to do what makes you sad. I’m sorry for this and that (mention those sins). I accept you into my life, I ask that you forgive me for all iniquities, come and dwell in me. I’m tired of trial and error with life, I need you to take over of my heart. Thank you for forgiving me, thank you for welcoming me into the kingdom. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen”

If you have prayed that with us, we welcome you into the fold of Christ, another step of faith we want you to take is; send us an email at moc.liamgobfsctd@golbreveihcaad

We will love to welcome you to the fold of Christ and recommend you to godly churches you can attend if you don’t have one.

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You are welcome to the fold of Christ.

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