how I told my story as a survivor

How I told my Story as a Survivor; and you can do the same too

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Did you ever wonder how to tell your story as a survivor? Did you expect to be pitied and patted at the back? Well, I did have my expectation, but I was disappointed not until…

Growing up as a little girl without a father was very challenging. I had no choice but to mature early and endure secret abuse since there was no one to protect me. I could not run to my mother, because she was hurt like I was, and in my innocence, I did not want to be a reason why she cried.

These adverse experiences left scars on the inside. As I grew into a young adult, I would often tell those bitter stories to people with tears showing self-pity. I would play the victim in my narration, so others would sympathize with me, possibly love and protect me from reoccurring abuse.

But, I observed that my self-pity story did more harm than good to me. Some laughed at me, calling me broke, some looked at me like a broken toy without value, and others jest about my story in their circle. Some insulted and said I should heal myself. I cried and became bitter. The more I shared my story in self-pity, the more I was exposed to abuse. So I finally learned to keep it to myself.


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Keeping it all inside brought no healing. Then, someone told me I could tell my pain to Jesus and let Him heal my broken childhood. I told all my childhood stories to Jesus; I told him how circumstances of life at a tender age had made me a broken and shattered young person.

Jesus did not run away. Neither did he mocked at me; instead, he whispered, I love you. For the first time in a while, peace flooded my young heart. Jesus healed me through his word and covered the scars by his precious blood. Years have passed, the love of Jesus has helped me survived, and I walk as a whole person. He gave a voice to share my story as a survivor.

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Friends, I know you have been through a lot. The storms of life have left salty water in your life’s boat. You have been lied to, abused, betrayed, and you have lost your voice due to secret tears.

You don’t have to wallow in self-pity, looking for someone to sympathize with you. Instead, run to Jesus. Tell him about the abuse you’ve experienced, the lies, the betrayals from loved ones, tell him how wounded you have become.

Show him your scars at calvary, then allow him to heal your brokenness and make you whole again.

Only he can make you whole again and give you the voice to share your story as a survivor.

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