How to play harlotry with your life

How many Christians are playing harlotry with their lives

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Many so-called believers of this generation are playing harlotry with their lives, and sadly they are ignorant, they decided to be in the dark about it. Everybody knows who a harlot is, she commercializes her body, she is an unfaithful woman.

Talking about a harlot, I’m not talking about just a woman, the interpretation goes beyond talking to the female gender alone and you might be thinking “It doesn’t concern me, I don’t sell my body”.

Journey with me with your bottle of chilled coke.

Ask yourself, “Am I faithful to the precepts of the Most High?, Am I treading on the path of righteousness?”. If the answer is no, then you are a harlot because you are selling your life for the pleasures of this world that can’t stand the test of time.

Don’t be deceived by social media, it’ll only tame you into believing abominations. The mother of abominations sitteth upon the nations of this world with her cup full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.

You might even know the truth and because of the “I want to belong” mentality, you let go of the path of your maker.

If because you want to belong; you despised the truth, you’ve started playing harlotry with your life.

You need to check your life if you are not playing games. If as a believer, unbelievers tell you that “So you do all these things?” “You are one of us” or the popular phrase “O jasi”, you need to check if you’ve not started playing harlotry.

There must be an aura that differentiates you from them.

A lot of people are living a hypocritical life, a believer at home and something else outside the home, you go to church as a routine just to satisfy your parents, no spiritual life, no personal altar, that’s harlotry at its peak.

Don’t let anybody tell you that you can patch your Christian life with worldliness, you cannot serve two masters, it’s either you’re on the Lord’s side or on another master’s side.

How many Christians are playing harlotry with their lives

There are a lot of things you’ve been made to believe it’s a norm and you also do it to be known, you are practicing harlotry and playing with your destiny.

It won’t look like you’re playing with it, it will look like you are having fun, it’ll seem pleasurable to you because the devil doesn’t present sin as sin, he packages it and it looks pleasurable to the sight.

Mercy is still available now, the mercy seat is still there, when there’s life, there’s hope, retrace your steps back before the owner of life comes for it.

Forget all those heresies that you think people can pray for you after death to make heaven without treading his paths before death.

There will be no opportunity to choose between life and death.

His love for you is overwhelming, accept that free gift of righteousness that makes you stand before him as one without sin.

He knocks patiently on your door, stop playing harlotry, stop being unfaithful to your lover, he loves you so dearly that he laid down his precious life for you, open that door and quit being a HARLOT!

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