Gods word and the Believer
Gods word and the Believer

5 steps a growing believer must take to be rooted in God’s word

Being rooted in anything begins by sowing yourself as a seed to that particular thing. That does not have to sound incredible because there will definitely not be a root; except a seed has been sown.

Every Believer becomes a seed the moment they surrender themselves to the Lordship of Christ

John 12:24 says “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abide alone but when it dies, it bring forth much fruit. A seed does not develop its root all of a sudden, they are first buried in the soil ( i.e. getting rooted) before any growth nor fruits is produced.

How rooted the seed becomes determines how healthy the fruits will be.

Many seeds (believers) desires growth, but they are not patient enough to mix with the soil and derive nourishment from it. The believer who desires growth but is never ready to mix with the Holy Spirit cannot get the nourishment needed for growth.

5 steps a growing believer must take to be rooted in God’s word

However, listed below are the steps a growing believer must take to get rooted in God’s word.

1. Love

Your heart has to be filled up with the genuine Love for God. Getting saturated in the loving God is the key to birth many possibilities in God. This is the first approach to growth that many believers seems to ignore. I deliberately didn’t take you through the usual route, pray very well and study your Bible because I’ve learnt from experience that those two things becomes effective when they are built on Love for the Father, this is the foundation of it all, and it is also our response to His great offer of Salvation.

We have many prayer warriors in our days but few are the prayer winners. We have many Bible scholars in the Church but few Word doers.

It isn’t their fault, they only fail to pass through the right route hence no results to show for it.

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Genuine love for God is what removes the sense of obligation in approaching God. Prayer becomes effective when seen as connection with the Father rather than mere obligation to the Father. I recommend this spiritual medicine, Love. It works like magic!

2. Give yourself to Fellowship

This can only be possible when you have settled the first point I shared. Fellowship through prayer and study of the word including meditations flows naturally when your heart become knitted with the Father in Love. This makes you become grounded and rooted in Him.

Do you find it difficult to pray or prayer seems boring?
It’s because you have not loved God right.

Studying your Bible seems boring?
Then, love is still missing!

Fellowship is what grants you access to the heart of God.

3. Intimacy

While it look like prayer is the only key to growth, the fact remains that it’s not effective in the absence of the word and proper meditation of it. These three are the basic sustenance to fellowship, which in turn yields intimacy with the Father. Our busy lives won’t rule out the fact that this is the one of the many ways we can reflect God and basically the mind of God.

Becoming rooted in God is not about how much you pray to be rooted; just like praying for Holiness is not what makes you Holy. The only key is the point I just shared with you which is Love, Fellowship and Intimacy. Every height in the Spirit has its underlined principles of which you can’t attain once you don’t go through the right channel. Even prayers won’t make up for it unless you do what ought to do.

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Prayers won’t make you rooted or reflect God when you are in a hurry, this can only happen unless you are patient enough to stay with Him and you become knitted with Him. How do you reflect the mind of God in your daily affairs if you can’t stay with Him and learn of Him?

I’m aware of the daily activities which might not give you the chance to be alone with Him but you necessarily don’t have to be alone to be with God.

The secret place is not necessarily where you set apart for prayers and word study, it is the response of your heart to Him which results in your consciousness of His presence.

And this response is not limited to the only time you set apart for devotions or the place you set apart for devotions. You can respond anywhere, at anytime.

4. Obedience

As you begin to stay, He begin to instruct, teach and lead you hence the demand for your obedience even in the tiniest things. Once you begin to obey in the little things, You begin to get exposed to bigger things until He can commit higher responsibilities into your hands and expose you to deeper dimensions of Him. You can’t jump the aforementioned processes if you must become promoted in the Spirit.

5. Worship

Your life is a worship, not only your songs. Everything you do should become a sweet smelling savour to God. Your service, giving, conduct, relationship is a typical worship the Lord demands. God is calling you to a deeper dimensions and closer walk with Him. Will you heed this call today?

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