What is Spiritual Growth?

If you can’t overcome a problem, manage it; that’s what Robert Schuller said in his book. But, how does one handle the feeling of wanting to be a boy and not a girl? I have struggled with this for many years; I always wanted to be a boy. My friends. 80% were mostly male, and I couldn’t even keep a relationship with a girl. But what does the illustration have to do with explaining what Spiritual Growth means?

Now, back to my story, I will explain some strong Indicators every Believer must check out in his/her life; this will help you know you are growing spiritually.

I wanted to be a boy; I didn’t like the fact that I was born a girl with so much responsibility, such as cooking, cleaning the house, and what have you. Call it laziness, but I was seriously lazy that the way out was; maybe being a boy will help me. I have watched the freedom my brothers have; they don’t have to think about cooking, not all times, though, but I have to. My mother ensures I do that, but I hated it. I would murmur, fight her, and often complain when cooking.

It was easy for me to sit down with my laptop for hours, never worrying about hunger as long as there are light and internet connection. But, mummy complained each day; and I didn’t like it at all. She would be like, “As a lady, you can’t do without entering the kitchen to cook; won’t you marry? Will you starve your children and husband because you are doing something online?

In my mind, I will reply with this “Maybe, I shouldn’t marry at all. Who cooking help?” (Laughs…) I would frown at her complaining, but deep down, I wasn’t happy with it. It had become a habit of hers, so I decided to change. It wasn’t comfortable to sit down for hours just to cook and avoid the food from getting burnt, but my brother, especially the eldest, didn’t make things better.

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Whenever I am “gingered” to cook, I will do so happily, but those brothers of mine never stop complaining. They won’t appreciate the effort put in, and I would go back to my room, saying “I am done, really done. Let them starve; it doesn’t concern me.”

But deep down in all my complaints, God was working in me, a process that took time. As a child of God, your peace with others matters, and since I didn’t like my mother complaining and my brother’s attitude. Don’t laugh at my next statement.

Every morning or at night, I would talk to God about it. This was how the conversation went:

Me: God, you know I didn’t want to be a girl? But, I am trying to accept the fact that I am

God: Silent…

Me: Now that I am trying, they want to frustrate me, is it by force to do all these things? I don’t like it at all, and I don’t like cooking; I just want to be an Internet guru, is that so bad?

God: Silent…

Me: (After a while…) But God, deep down; I feel I can’t run away from it forever; I know I can’t. Just give me grace. Let me find going to the kitchen enjoyable. Holy Spirit, Just help me.

Me: It becomes easy when you help me; I don’t know how my mother does it; she does it well. I really can’t change who I am, but I can accept what you created me to be. Just help me

It was a struggle for years many nights, the prayers (short) kept going, and I didn’t see a change; but I never stopped praying. I wondered how those who are caterers do it; they are heroes to me, but I understood that everyone has something they love. While mine was to be an Online Personality glorifying God, others find joy cooking. That joy was what I prayed for each day.

To get that joy isn’t hard; God’s grace was sufficient, so I tapped into it. I know well in my country, some things are inevitable; and being a lady, you can’t run from being in the kitchen (except you want to stay unmarried)

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How do I know I am growing Spiritually?

Simply put, using my story, how was I able to know something was changing within me as regards finding kitchen life enjoyable?

I didn’t know when the change happened, it just happened, and one day I smiled. My orientation was changing gradually about it, I was able to do what I love (Internet stuff), and my mother stopped complaining. With my brothers, I decided just to allow them to be; perhaps their criticism is going to be helpful for growth.

Since this article is targeted to Spiritual growth, let me ask you a few Questions about Spiritual growth?

3 Questions on Spiritual Growth every Believer should answer
Does the Bible bore you while reading?

If yes, you are not growing spiritually. You should delight in reading God’s word, always.

Are you mindful of your speech to others?

Paul the Apostle said, if any man offend not in words; the same is a perfect man. As believers, you may offend another with words; but always be ready to make amends; and do not offend intentionally. It is not a sign of spiritual growth.

Do you enjoy God’s presence and with his people?

The Bible admonishes us never to forsake the assembly of God’s people; not for attendance sake; but for accountability and fellowship

5 Strong Indicators of Spiritual Growth
5 Indicators of Spiritual Growth

1. Controlled Speech: One of the indicators for Spiritual growth is the ability to control the words you say. Proverbs 10:19 says: In the multitude of words, there wanteth not sin, but he that refraineth his lips is wise. A maturing Believer or a matured Believer shuns negative speech during trying circumstances. Your words are seasoned with grace, and they are life to those who hear you. You offer comfort, and your speech is more of faith than fear. Read more in this post: All Round Jesus

5 Indicators of Spiritual Growth

2. Your Priority is on Heavenly things: The Bible says: Take no thought for what you shall eat or drink; for your heavenly father will surely provide. It also tells us to cast our affection on things above and not on earth, for we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come. A mature Christian is more concerned about pleasing God than amassing wealth and fame. While this might not be easy, the grace of God is much more sufficient


5 Indicators of Spiritual Growth

3. Putting away Segretarian Spirit: Do you segregate? Some say, I like this church more than this; I love this pastor than this. Well, there is no segregation in the Kingdom; we are all of Christ. Paul, the Apostle, wrote in one of his books about contention in the House of Chloe; when some say I am of Paul and others Apollos, he charged them, saying, “Are we not of Christ?” A mature Christian does not segregate; because what matters is not the messenger but the message they preach.

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When someone preaches Christ, honors Christ, and live a lifestyle that portrays Christ, fall in love with them. Gbile Akanni said; When you believe your group is the best, that’s foolishness. There is no competition on the race to Heaven.

5 Indicators of Spiritual Growth

4. Having Faith in God: Do you want to know if you are growing spiritually? Then, when you have faith in God by yourself, faith that believes you can receive from God without running to your pastor every moment; you are growing. While it is suitable for people to join you in prayers when troubles come, as a growing Christian, you must also learn to win your war on bended knees. The Bible says: If thou can believe, all things are possible unto you. Have Faith in God for yourself, develop a relationship with him; this is a sign of growth.

5 Indicators of Spiritual Growth

5. Service, Love, and Giving life: Do you always want to serve others and not be served? Read Mark 10:45. Do you love others honestly with all your heart as Christ did? Are you happy giving to others, or do you grumble? All these indicate whether you are growing spiritually or not. Spiritual Growth is revealed in your choices and deliberate actions.

Remember my story at the beginning; when the change happened; I didn’t know at first but as the Bible says By our fruits we shall be known; to know about your growth spiritually, it is easy. Follow the steps above