The house of Chloe: Searchlight wednessday

HOUSE OF CHLOE: My Thoughts on their Report

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The house of Chloe: Searchlight wednessday

Didn’t they say a house divided against itself cannot stand? Or is the saying nothing but a fable? Rummaging through the files on the desk, I overheard the conversation between my father and one of his brothers.

“You can’t let that young girl live with us,” the younger protested.

“Why?” my father asked, wanting to hear his reason.

“Well…” he shrugged stroking his beard trying to say a thing or two on the issue on ground.

“I am listening to you, why should the young girl not stay with us.”

“I have a say on this matter, I don’t want her to stay and besides your wife won’t be happy with it.”

“You are not convincing enough, George. What are you hiding? Why can’t we let the innocent girl stay with the family, after all, she shares the same blood with us” my father gestured

“I know you will say she is ‘blood’; she isn’t blood to me but an illegitimate child.”

“Why, illegitimate?”

“Didn’t you know that she is the daughter of our eldest brother who his first wife gave birth to before dying? Our father disagreed about our brother and that woman, he didn’t bless their marriage. Eldest brother didn’t know about her daughter until his death two months ago. Father specifically commanded that we do not allow the daughter to be a member of this family, her mother wasn’t accepted so why should we?” the younger explained

“But-“my father was about to speak when he stopped. He must have remembered something because his visage changed.

“I won’t defy our father’s order, even after his death. And I won’t sit still and watch you bring in an illegitimate child of our brother.”

“Can’t you be considerate enough, George? Father is no more and can’t we be more compassionate than our father?” he pleadingly asked.

“No, that girl isn’t one of the family, my elder brother never had a daughter but sons, and his first marriage was nothing but a failure, and you know it. You were there, weren’t you? Brother disobeyed father in marrying Maria, and it cost him a lot and even the family. That girl isn’t one of us, and I won’t sit still and watch you let her be part of the family.”

“George” my father softly called, but his brother was soon gone from his presence before he could say another word. Father sighed, unhappy about the conversation. I stood by the door, closing it quietly trying not to be noticed by my father who skimmed the environment with his eyes to ensure no one had listened to their conversation. After a quick scan, father walked away from the hallway, and I sighed relieved to see him gone.

I tried picturing the fragile girl, my uncle’s daughter; a girl with bubbling spirit and bright blue eyes, how would she feel knowing she wasn’t welcomed in the family? She had just discovered who her biological father was even though a bit late for he was dead, her mother must have told her the truth before dying, and the young girl, joyful as she appears must have been a bit disappointed but happy to know the truth.

What decision would my father take? I was curious to know, but deep down, I knew my dad was a kind and compassionate man. I picked the book I was searching for from one of the shelves. Closing the door behind me, I trudged down the stairs that led to my room. Two steps more to my room, I saw Lydia seated on one of the stairs with a bowed head. I moved close to her, tapping her softly, she turned to face me with a moistened face. She was crying, had she heard what was discussed? I didn’t want to jump to a conclusion, so I asked

“What’s wrong with you, Lydia?”

She wiped her face with the back of her hand, trying to manage a smile “I am okay.”

“I  don’t actually believe that; you are crying?”

“It is nothing Martins,” she called me by name.

I sat down beside her, not wanting to leave her comfortless without knowing the reason behind her tears, “Talk to me, I am your brother; you said I am your elder brother? Remember?” I said, making her remember her words two days ago.

“It doesn’t matter anymore whether you are my brother, nothing matters anymore” she spoke in parables as I composed myself trying to unravel her words

“Why doesn’t it matter Lydia?”

She looked at me with a bitter smile on her face “It doesn’t matter, because… I am not welcomed here.”

Not welcomed???

She must have heard the conversation between father and uncle, I had to ask to be sure, “Did you hear anything, Lydia?”

She nodding positively uttered “I heard everything Martins, even the bitter story of my parents. I am not welcomed here.”

I was empty of words, what comfort could I offer her? Though her eyes were dried of tears, yet I could feel the sadness in her look and heart. I touched her by the shoulder, tapping her softly, watching her let the tears fall at my touch.

Just what would it take my family to accept a girl like her? Why must the young girl suffer because of what her parents did wrong? Why must there be contention in the family when love could conquer all? Why must my uncle stick to following grandfather’s law? Couldn’t he be considerate and loving enough to accept the innocent girl with open and loving arms?


SEARCHLIGHT VERSE: “For it hath been declared unto me of you, my brethren, by them which are of the house of Chloe, that there are contentions among you. 13Is Christ divided? Was Paul circumcised for you? Or were ye baptized in the name of Paul?  I Corinthians 1: 11, 13



Writer’s Corner: I became enamored by the verse of the Bible that speaks of contention in a particular household on the issue of who they were and whose teaching they followed? Some claimed Paul, other Apollos, and some Christ. Reading that verse, I thought on the subject of disunity that gives room for hatred and strong contention. The family of Christians should not be one filled with contention, we are one in Christ because Jesus Christ isn’t divided. Now, this cut across to our personal lives; if we say we are of Christ, what fruits can others see in us being manifested that is true of Christ? Do we love to only a set of people, or do we love all those around us? Do we say, I can’t associate with that particular lady because she isn’t a member of my church? Or will we tear the veil of segregation in showing good deeds to only a set of individuals but to all that we are opportune to meet in our journey of life?

Remember, we don’t have a divided Christ, as Christians, we shouldn’t be the originator and root of division but unity. Christ died for all, he didn’t practice segregation, as individuals, we should emulate this and not be the cause of contentions in the household of faith.



On the searchlight series; it has been a lovely ride so far even though with ups and downs from my side, but God really was faithful. By this time next week, the series shall come to its final closure. Await another set of series of mine, by God’s grace, the latter shall be higher than the former. Thank you, my readers, for sticking close to this girl…

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