Never lose your song as a christian

How to never lose your song as a Christian

Though the trials be greater; do not let it overcome your song of praises and adoration to God. Even in the thickest cloud, never lose your song as a child of God.

The Israelites were known for singing beautiful songs after great victory (Exodus15:1). History recalls the time when the Israelites were captured. Their burden and challenges became unbearable; they dropped their musical instrument and stopped singing. The pain stole their songs. A time came, the enemy reminded them of their songs and asked them to sing; they responded, “How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land” (Psalms 137:4).

As you journey through life as a Christian, remember never to lose your song. There may be times of challenges, trials, temptation, and your faith is almost gone. It seems there is no hope for tomorrow. No silver lining in your cloud, at such a time, remembers to sing. A song says, “sing when the trial is greatest.” 

It is so easy to sing in the times of victory; when all is working out as planned, but there is always a breakthrough when you sing amidst challenges.

Paul and Silas were imprisoned; they could have sat down wailing, murmuring, and complaining about the unfaithfulness of God, but in that dark hour, they chose to sing. The Bible says, “And in the midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake so that the foundation of the prison was shaken: and immediately all the prison doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed. (Acts 16:25-26)”

Dear Child of God, like the apostles, looks beyond the current situation and sing the songs of praises to God. In your praises lies your big breakthrough. Never give in to despair, sing. You just heard the bad news, sing. Things are not going as planned, sing. Your relationship is collapsing; sing. Your flesh may want to discourage, allow the Holy Spirit to help you sing songs of praises your dark hour. Know in your heart, that as you sing and pray unto your Father in heaven in faith, without anger and doubting, Suddenly Your expected breakthrough will come. You are an overcomer.

How to never lose your song as a Christian email series

Join us for the 30 days Thanksgiving challenge; it is time to remember God’s faithfulness, time to praise Him in the storms of life. Be a part of this challenge, for it is sweet and pleasant to sing praises to God. Are you interested? Join us for day nine here: The Daachiever Inc. family. This post: How to command your morning is part of the series.

Never lose your song as a Christian

Three things to do when praising God becomes difficult

  1. Call to Remembrance God’s faithfulness: I shared this in one of the thanksgiving series; the topic was on: When the ‘why’ of thanksgiving is no more, what to do? Join the series to read more. Are you struggling with praising God because of the challenges you are going through; then you need to do this; CALL TO REMEMBERANCE GOD’S FAITHFULNESS. Trick yourself or your sad mind into remembering that it is by grace you are alive. You can’t deny God hasn’t done you any God, so far you have been born. He has, but you know challenges make us forget at times, so REMEMBER.
  2. Read the stories of people: It is so easy to think we are the only one going through hard times, have you ever felt so alone in the world? You think, what you go through is so new and unrelatable? There is no one who hasn’t and thank God for the internet, you can easily go online to search for inspiring stories that tell of God’s faithfulness.
  3. Talk to People: In not forsaking the assembly of God’s people, you will see the need to praise God in all things. Speak to people about what is going on with you, you can also reach out to Daachiever Inc. on our contact page.

It is time to put on your dancing shoes of praises; there is this quote which says;

When praises ascend; God descends

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