In Righteousness, thou shall be Established

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“Hephzibah, why are you so different? Haba! This your holiness is too much. You need to loosen up a bit or you’ll end up remaining in your father’s house at forty.”

“Loosen up? How do you mean, Helga?”

“Look at you, a beautiful young lady, wasting away all in the name of righteousness. You have refused to blend with the current trend. At least, a little enjoyment will not kill you.”

“Please Helga, explain better, I don’t seem to comprehend.”

“Why have you refused to give Mr. David a chance in your life? I even heard he asked you out several times but you bluntly refused his humble invitation. Do you know how many ladies in this company are craving to have this opportunity you have?”

“Wait… Is this what this is all about? Who in this company doesn’t know that Mr. David is a womanizer? Look Helga, I am not interested.”

“For God’s sake, we are talking about the CEO’s first son. Do you realize the numerous opportunities you tend to lose? This guy can uplift you in this company.”

“That’s a big lie, promotion comes from the Lord. I refuse to defile the temple of God for mere reputation.”

“What if he makes you lose your job? Do you know how difficult it is to get a job in this country?”

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“I’d rather lose all than lose my salvation. You see, Helga, I am not afraid of what men would do to me but I am afraid of what God would do if I disappoint Him.”

“Hephzibah, I’m very sorry for you. I don’t think you know what you are doing to your life. I just pray you don’t end up losing your job.”

“Well, I am not afraid. If I lose this one, the Lord will give me a better one.”

“Okay, we shall see about that.”

(Two weeks later)

“Ah! Hephzibah, what am I hearing? So you have been promoted to the position of a managing director, to head one of the branches in Abuja.”

“My dear, I am shocked myself. I didn’t expect this.”

“But, how did it happen? I thought you said you were not interested in the CEO’s son. So, how come?”

“Hmm… You won’t believe what happened. Do you know that all this while, I was being tested? In fact, the CEO himself said, his son recommended me to him. He said I was the only one who was more responsible enough to take up the post.”

“My God! I can’t believe this.”

“Helga, you need to understand that God is faithful to them that keep His commandments and do His will. You see, if I had listened to you and compromised, I wouldn’t have been recommended. But God, who saw my little act of obedience, had a better offer for me. I think it’s time you surrendered totally to God. He is still interested in your life.”

“Ah! I surrender… I surrender ooooh!”

“Now, let us pray.”

In righteousness shall thou be established. Do not let the world detect to you the kind of life to live but let the word of God be your guide. God is faithful to all who serve Him with all their heart and He can never forsake them.

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