When you are attracted to someone and you don't want to be

5 things to do when you are attracted to someone as a Christian

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We don’t talk about these things! We simply sweep it under the carpet and pretend like it’s not there! That’s why our sisters keep getting exploited as a result of their vulnerability and my men too? You are attracted to someone; you have a crush to that brother or sister and you are feeling guilty.

Calm down. You need someone to talk about it? Fine, let’s talk about it. I’d start by saying that I don’t necessarily think a crush is something you’d have to feel for years. I implied that from the dictionary definition of a crush, it’s an infatuation with somebody one isn’t committed to. An infatuation? An overwhelming sexual attraction for anybody. Mind you, it’s a state which means you could choose to let it grow or toss it in the bin.

Is having a crush a sin as a Christian?

Now, for you to know that you’re sexually attracted to someone, it means you have come to terms with your body because if you’re not sensitive to these things, what are you gonna put under subjection bro? Let me quickly say that, getting sensitive to your flesh isn’t necessarily so you can go to third mainland bridge with a public address system and go… ‘hey y’all, my name is Kiki, this is my love language, this is what gets me the most about the opposite sex, amma be in my feelings for the next 6 days and I’ll be very vulnerable because that’s how I’m wired as a woman, so…’

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Girl! There’s something called TMI (too much information), you don’t need that in your life! You should know your body so whoever has plans to gain mastery over it must go through you first and not just take advantage of your naivety, period!

5 things to do when you are attracted to someone and you don’t want to be

1. STAY AWAY! : Yes, stay away sir, stay away ma. I’m not telling you to be a witch or be a snub but there are levels to these things bro. You’re vulnerable, you don’t want to be a stumbling block to somebody else? Stay away. When you have gotten over whatever came upon you, life goes on. Now, you need to stay away. There’ll always be that possibility that your emotions would want to prevail over common sense and simple logic. Most importantly, God’s expected end for your life.

2. DON’T STAY ALONE: You know? You’re staying away from someone or certain people doesn’t mean you should be by yourself all the time. There’ll be that temptation to get it alone if you can’t get it elsewhere and it’ll damage a lot in your future relationship that you don’t even know about yet. You don’t want to be a selfish person bro, don’t stay alone, be with your friends.

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3. GET INVOLVED: It’s possible to be amidst people, and you’re still alone. Your mind, brain and heart are divided. Maybe you’re already acting it out in your head. See why you can’t afford to be useless? Get involved! They want to do something, it’s a discussion about a book, a verse of the scriptures, a song, a message, get involved. Don’t let your heart do what your hands won’t do.

4. BE ACCOUNTABLE: This might not be for everybody, it depends on how intentional and responsible you want to be about sexual Purity. Having somebody you can talk to about these things would also help you out. Hold on, not somebody who would want to exploit you or when you tell them ‘there’s this brother that sings in the choir like this ehn…’ and you’ll hear ‘Ah! Sister Wemimo! You’ve finally backslidden! You’re eyeing a brother!’ God safe us.

5. ASK GOD TO HELP YOU: A wise woman once said, until you die, the battle against the flesh continues. This isn’t necessarily about been single, married people get tempted too. Oya ask daddy and mummy.

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When you are attracted to someone and you don't want to be
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  1. Good.
    It’s still a matter of the heart; how well one can guard one’s heart. Allowing the heart to ponder on such things for a long time can be detrimental.

  2. Am really blessed sir,,Indeed we need put some check on our emotions other than only surfacing everything with only spirituality. Though the spiritual is the master of all.. May God help us the more ..Expecting more from you sir..

  3. Right! We could choose to grow such thoughts or toss it in the trash can… Thank you for reading 😊

  4. Isreal, thank you for taking out time to read. It’s very true that we need to put our emotions in check and not just hide under the spirituality guise. By the way, Ifeoluwa is female not sir😂. Thank you once again

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and instructive piece with us. May God help us to guard our hearts always.

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