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Don’t Get too Familiar: A Timely Charge to Christians

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Husby and I were invited to a minister at a programme. It was our first ministration together as young couples.

We put on our Sunday’s best in a matching outfit all looking radiant as we set to go.

In no time, we landed at the church premises in our latest Lexus GX.
Husby stepped down from the car to open the door for me as we held hands and walked graciously into the Church.

We were ushered to the seat that was reserved for us at the pulpit.

After some minutes, Husby was called upon to minister and he stepped forward to receive the mic being handed to him by the moderator.

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As he stepped on the ministration pulpit, the atmosphere changed. He sang just a song and the whole congregation was already on their knees as they felt the mighty move of God.

I wasn’t feeling anything but I managed to join them so I won’t be the only one standing.

Someone who was brought on wheelchair jumped up from the back; and ran towards the pulpit as a sign of healing. Blinds were receiving their sight; all kinds of illness were flying away.

I knelt there in amazement as I watched my own husband demonstrating the move of God. His face was like that of an Angel.

I have been battling with sickness all this while and here was Hubby being used by God to heal people. Why has God not used Him for me?
I thought to myself!

Don’t get too familiar: Lessons to Learn

Many believers are like the woman in the story above who allowed familiarity with her husband robbed her of answers to long time prayers. She has been living with a miracle carrier but never received any miracle.

The same way many of us have been too familiar with God that we rob ourselves of many blessings.

Familiarity has reduced our altars to lifeless routine devotions that we wouldn’t see any reason to launch into depth with God.

That is why we have many long years Christians but powerless and purposeless with no encounter with God whatsoever.

Many have become too rigid by the norms and religious styles of communing with God that they fail to access the dimensions in God.

There are depth untapped! You can’t afford to get satisfied with mere recitations of “Our Father who art in heaven” that you rob yourself of the Life embedded in it.

Your greatest achievement shouldn’t be the long years you have spent in Christ yet struggling with sin.

Don’t get used to talking in prayers without waiting to hear from Him.

Prayer is not all about recitations, don’t stereotype God. Be flexible enough to hear from Him, access and harness the depth in Him as you pray according to His will.

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As married and courting couples, don’t be too familiar with your husband’s attribute that you despise his priesthood attribute and don’t be carried away by the wifely roles that you despise her Deborah qualities.

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