What attracts you to an individual as a Christian

10 amazing ways to attract people as a Christian

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If I am ever going to be attracted to someone or attract people to myself, there are some things I am on the lookout for; I have heard people tell me ‘I think I have a high standard when I want to make friends’

‘I don’t make friends easily, when we don’t click, we don’t click” another said

Is having high standard good?

You reading this; what do you look for in a person that makes them attractive to you?

In this context, I am not talking about the emotional feeling; all I ask is, “What makes you befriend someone? Go the extra mile for someone? Love them?”

Let’s dig in

You are welcome to Rain Check 3: Ways to attract people as a Christian

To make the reading user friendly; we will discuss the topic above under 4 sub headings:

  • What you should seek for in people?
  • How to be an attractive personality as a Christian
  • Qualities that make Christians attractive?
  • Can everyone be my friend?

What You Should Seek for in people?

People differ, personalities are different. We are different, You and Me; we can never be the same, but our values might look similar, right? Honesty, simplicity, patience, Calmness, and so on; we might love this equally, but the percentage of our love might vary. What should you seek for in people? I know, quite a number have high standards before someone can be their friend, while this is good in a way, the negative aspect outshines the positive. You never know who will be who in life.

Three things you should look for in people:

  • The way they treat fellow human beings, is it out of respect or dishonor? Do they love or hate easily?
  • Are they passionate about the things you are passionate about; well, this applies to team leaders.
  • Do they have a vision for their life? Do they love to engage in deep and sensible conversations? Are they willing to spend extra effort pursuing their dreams in life?

Remember, who you let into your circle could be a blessing or a setback. Having high standards is good, but never forget the world is a tiny sphere.

How to be an attractive personality as a Christian

I have heard people say, Christians are boring. The way some of them dress, talk, behave puts me off. But here is a question to every Christian, was Jesus, an attractive person while on earth? I believe he was more attractive than the scribes and Pharisees, and he was the very best. If we are like Christ, we should live an attractive life.

How then should you do this?

  • Love without restrain (You need God’s grace to do this)
  • Guide your heart with all diligence, for from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. An attractive Christian is slow to speak and gentle in manner; in the multitude of words, a Christian is carefully selective on what to say. That’s one unique character of Jesus, even the Pharisees were put in awe by the wisdom to which he speaks.
  • Have a goal for your life, when you do; you are on your way to awesomeness.
How to attract people as a Christian

Qualities that makes a Christian attractive?

Here are top 10 qualities you need to possess to be an attractive Christian (subject to personal modification)

  • Be a Good listener, talk less, listen often.
  • Be a neat person ( there is nothing like, I can’t practice neatness; remember cleanliness is next to Godliness. If you are godly, learn to be clean also)
  • Be devoted to your dream ( let people know you for a thing or two if you are good at something, you attract people)
  • Be humble, read that again, be humble and not proud. Jesus was meek, and no wonder even the young and old were eager to learn from him.
  • Learn to treat strangers and even friends with respect
  • Stay discipline ( I would recommend you to listen to the series of Discipline messages by Zac Poonen; click here to be redirected)
  • Be ready to learn from others, even those younger than you.
  • Learn to be simple in all things; being moderate should be desired by you.
  • Be given to prayers ( A Christian who can pray can possess)
  • Be compassionate to another
10 qualities to make a Christian attractive

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Can everyone be my friend?

Of course, everyone can. Jesus loves us without discrimination of age, tribe, gender, status, and so on; you can do the same also. Remember, a little wave of the hand can touch someone. Stop keeping an uptight face as though you are the defender of the throne of God, be at ease with everyone, love all and led them to the saving love of God

In conclusion, what makes you attracted to someone should be a desire to touch a soul. Maybe one at a time, we all can change the world for Christ.

Why should ou be attracted to someone

Let’s do so, shall we?

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