A Goal getter and a Goal Setter: Rain Check 2

Are you a Goal Getter? 5 things every Christian should know

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Are you a Goal getter or a Goal setter?

Should you be more of a setter than getter?

What if you are more of a goal setter than a goal-getter? Does the equation balance up when you are more of a goal setter than a goal-getter?

Let’s dig in

Rain Check 2: Are you more of a Goal getter or a Goal setter?

When I asked myself this same question; here was my answer

“I am more of a goal setter than a getter; maybe because I love writing, but in the percentage of getting things done, I would rate myself 75%.”

It is quite easy to set goals, straightforward and, at times, less time demanding, but when it comes to putting those goals into action, that’s when stress comes in.

Like I said in the previous Raincheck, what if you shouldn’t choose to be this or that? What if you are to be both? Of course, you are. When you can set goals and achieve them, you are disciplined and focused.

Who is a Goal Setter? What are the characteristics of a Goal setter?

  • He has a vision, often, it might not be clear, but he has a rough preview of what he wants to achieve
  • He is a deep thinker; he could spend time strategizing
  • He often daydreams unless he crosses the boundary to be a goal-getter
  • He organizes and calculates well
  • He keeps details of his plan

What of a Goal getter? What are their strength?


  • He hates giving up, especially when he knows what he wants. The thoughts of giving up might come, but though he stays down for minutes, he is quick to get back on his feet. He isn’t giving up
  • He is diligent and relentless
  • He is ready to learn and collaborate with others for success.
  • He is a hard worker
A Goal getter and a Goal Setter: Rain Check 2

There is but a thin line between setting goals and getting it done; the range is on the Mindset of the individual. Setting goals is vital before you can ever get things done; about 90-95% of individuals set goals, write out a detailed plan about what they want to get out of life, but only 5% put in an extra effort to make those goals a reality. Even some goals set are beyond their capabilities, but some do it anyway, and they end up not doing anything at all.

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Let’s take a look at the Life of Jesus, and he was a Goal Getter and Setter. His main goal while he came to this immoral and sinful world was to die for the sins of Mankind, heal the sick, and spread love. The Bible says, “The Son of Man has come that ye might have life and that ye might have it more abundantly.” His coming was a set goal, predetermined before the world began; if he hadn’t died, the goal wouldn’t be possible, and what we enjoy now wouldn’t be without his death.

As a child of God, you shouldn’t stop at setting goals alone; but get them done. But how do you achieve this?

How to move from a Goal Setter to a Goal Getter; 5 things to do right as a Christian

  1. Keep your Goals in prayers often:  An example is from Jesus is in Mark 14:36, where he cried in agony to heaven for the cup of suffering to be taken away from him. He knew there were more hurdles to face ahead of him before he could obtain the crown (goal). Judas was going to betray him with a kiss, and he prayed in all humility, “Not my will, but yours.” As a child of God, called to be different in a world, but Christ has given us the mandate to occupy until he comes, whatever goals, dreams you have, never think you could do more without committing it into God in prayer. Daily ask for the grace to face challenges that might stop you from trying to get things done.
  2. Avoid Laziness and Procrastination: Child of God, prayer is good, perfect, but you must be ready to work. If you have a vision, don’t sit in the corner of your room, expecting a miracle when you aren’t prepared to stretch yourself and go the extra mile. It doesn’t work by magic, do something to get something. Never stop at goal writing; start to get things done.
  3. Be willing to learn from others: Ever heard this saying, Experience is the best teacher; – well, someone told me this; never wait until you learn by Experience yourself; but always make it a habit to learn from the mistakes of others. You cannot know it all; if you’ve got goals to be a communication expert, then move within that field, and be humble to learn from them.
  4. Devote time to yourself: Yes, social media helps us to stay connected and know a lot of things. But, it aid that great achievers often learn to devote time to themselves, you become a better thinker when you learn to enjoy time on your own; at least it could be 2 hours or so in a day; just go offline and spend some time alone.
  5. Believe in yourself: Nothing tops up you believing in your ability, your goals, and dreams. If you can, believe that whatever goals you have written than can be achieved, then that’s superb. Believe in yourself; you need it to stay motivated daily.

I said earlier that there is no difference between a goal-getter or setter; the mindset is what matters. Setting a goal and getting it done; it is all a stone throw away. Never tuck your goals away as a child of God, the Saviour did it, and we are all beneficiaries of his sacrifice; you also can do it. You never know, if Nations are depending on you.

Don’t just set goals,

Get it done..

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