Rain Check 1: A Choice Between Love and Hope

Rain Check 1: A Choice between Love and Hope

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If asked to make a choice between love and Hope, I believe I would be so stuck trying to choose a better option. What if there was a condition attached to every option, like if choosing love meant there would be a sudden change in my life, you know something like that. I believe, as a human being, I would take time to reconsider each option.

Okay, let’s dig in.

Rain Check 1: A Choice Between Love and Hope

Human beings don’t like to choose between two favorites right?

I don’t, especially if all choices could be of great benefit to me. During this period of staying at home, I developed a routine I called Rain Check; the mystery behind the name; well, when the time comes, I will let the cat out of the bag. But to lovers and readers of this blog, Rain Check is all about making better choices by answering in-depth questions about life, and your walk with God.

Now, welcome to Rain Check 1

Today’s question is: If asked to make a choice between Love and Hope; What would be your answer?

I asked this same question on my WhatsApp Status and responses came in; someone said ” Victory, that’s a hard choice”, another said “Give me time to think about it, please; I want to make a better choice”

I smiled at their replies, but is making a choice really that hard? We all make choices daily even without battling an eye, it is your choice to either go this way or that right?

So, I asked myself the same question and here is my reply:

” Can I pick both please? If no, I think I am going with Hope, I don’t know why though; even the Bible says the greatest of all between Faith, Hope and Love is Love”

I Corinthians 13: 13

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Was my answer wrong?

Well, I can’t say; I only made a choice based on the following:

Why I choose Hope Instead of Love:

I believe to experience Love; there must be a hint/iota of hope in you as a person. What is Hope? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it means to cherish a desire with anticipation or to want something to happen or be true. But a question is this, must we desire for love to be true? I believe, yes, as a little child born into a world unbeknownst of the new environment, the child is filled with questions at the faces smiling and laughing at him with all love.

Questions like, “Why are they looking at me with such awe?” “Why do I feel cherished?” Don’t we always question love? Especially when it sounds too good to be true. And when it does, there is hope lit in our hearts, wishing it indeed was love. But God loves us anyway, that’s what makes it different

Let’s take another scenario for an exemplified example; have you ever read story about salvation and forgiveness of sin likened to a sinner in the court room ready to be sentenced to death; and then someone walks in (the Saviour all clothe in robes of white). Before the sinner in the court room feels the love from the saviour ready to pay off his debt, there will be hope in the eyes.

The question filling the mind is: “Who is this stranger walking in? Why is he ready to take my place? Would I truly live and not die?”. I believe, right there with that sinner’s thinking is hope wrapped in love.

Now, if I was asked to make a choice between Hope and love, my answer would be: “Though Love is the greatest of all, to me Hope and Love are intertwined that one can’t do without the other”

Rain Check 1: A Choice Between Love and Hope

Though Hope and love is a choice, a decision you make everyday. You can choose to hope than despair, or you could choose to love than hate each day. It is a choice, one you shouldn’t take too much time thinking about.

Choose to love than hate;

Choose to Hope than despair…

But, remember the greatest of all is LOVE. Even, Paul the apostle said ” If I have love, I have nothing”. The saviour is love personified, so let’s spread love and while we do this; we are sharing hope.

Rain Checked for today; between Love and Hope beloved readers, what’s your choice? I hope to read them in the comment box.

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  1. The greatest of it is Love because love(charity) bears all things, believe all things, hope for all things and endure all things (1 Cor 13:7)… So you will definitely find hope in LOVE

  2. I will go for hope because it gives me the assurance that I have a future.Love do fail someone but Christ love never does, the love I had for Christ as kept me from sin.Hope is something personal that kept you going but love has to be shared before it becomes love which most times hurt you in return.

    1. We both write from the same standpoint Deborah, human love fails that’s why hope beats love when talking about it with humans as an example, but with God and according to the finality of the word of God, love is the greatest

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