This is a time to Hope: 3 things to do when hoping in God

3 things to do while we hope in God

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This is a time to Hope, I spoke to myself

To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven (Ecclesiastics 3:1) I was reading this particular verse of the scriptures some weeks ago; and I had a brief thought; What time are we in the world? Currently, with the pandemic going around the countries of the world; we have a responsibility as believers

Verses 2-8 clarifies the different shades of time in the life of a human being on earth; it says there is a time to be born; a time to die, to plant and pluck that which was planted. A time to weep, laugh, mourn, and dance.

All humans go through the hourglass of time at different seasons of their life, but we are all going through this together. What should be our focus then? This is a time to hope, a time to wait for our savior because he promised to deliver us from troubles.

We cannot deny that we are in the last days; and the Bible says perilous times shall come then; but I love a particular verse of the scriptures which say ‘And because of the elect’s sake; the evil days shall be shortened’. We are the elect, and God’s protective arm is not shortened that it cannot save. While we wait for the evil days to be shortened; what should we do?

Hope, I believe is the answer to all our question.

We should hope; because this is the time to wait on hoping in God and his promises. I believe we are in the waiting period; just like Hannah waited on God for Samuel.

While we hope; we should

  • Hold unto his promises:  Believers now is the time to be united claiming the promises of God. We should never get tired of praying; we keep asking; we keep proclaiming and we keep believing. We have a father who is touched by our pains and sorrows. I believe, just like it was written in Ecclesiastics 3:10 that God will make everything beautiful in his own time; God’s ways are past searching out; so let us tarry in his presence doing what; HOPING
  • Be an encouragement to others: A popular Christian blogger shared on her WhatsApp status a screenshot of her friend’s status; she said with the ongoing situation in the world; many are driven to suicide and depression. Christ has called us to be light in the darkness of the world; suicide is darkness; Christians, shine your light. Reach out to your loved ones, if you are active on social media; spread the message of hope and cheer and not violence and depressing news. Nowadays, whenever I am catching up with a friend or loved ones, I ensure I send a love emoji to them; I also ask questions about them and their family. Show a little bit of love and kindness, spread some cheer. At a time like this, be a closer friend that sticks closer like a brother. See a need, meet it if you can in prayers or through your deed.
  • Pray and Praise: Do this at all time; today I thought to myself; my family prayer points have been the same for weeks now; I almost lost the zeal to join in the prayer this morning, so while I returned to my room I thought; we have been praying for weeks over this pandemic; why don’t believers praise God? I mean, let’s just praise, spread hope and wait upon God for an answer. Everywhere I turn to, there is always someone speaking about this same thing, I believe we have stressed on often than we have actually praised and prayed to God.

While we hope, we should never stay idle because an idle man is the devil’s workshop. As a believer, get something done. It could be praying, reading books, or acquiring a skill.


3 things to do while we hope in God

Do you need top ten productive thing to do this period? Let’s go

  • Try out a new hobby
  • Read a book and share the lessons with your friends
  • Learn how to cook something new (applicable to ladies)
  • Read your Bible
  • Keep a diary
  • Learn a new language
  • Learn a new skill
  • Catch up with old friends
  • Inner meditation; this helps you to know yourself the more
  • Read from our blog (smiles, turn on post notification to get started. We will try to keep you engaged this period)


10 productive things to do as a Christian

Never forget, this is a time to hope; God will make everything beautiful in his own time. Trust, believe, wait and while we wait; be productive. We are definitely going to come out strong, yes we are.


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Let’s stay strong in Christ;

For in Him, we are truly more than an overcomer and we have the VICTORY

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