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Test your knowledge of the New Testament in the Bible

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The New Testament is often neglected by believers, many complain it is because action-paced stories are not there. But, then the Bible is one. Both Old and New Testament, it is the Word of God. Take this short quiz compiled for you to test your knowledge of the New Testament in the Bible. Let us know your answer

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Who wrote the book of Hebrews?
The book of Acts was written to ______
Apostle Paul wrote most of the books in the New Testament. How many are they?
The name of the ruler that came to Jesus at midnight is _____
King Herod commanded that children of age _____ and below should be killed after the birth of Jesus?
A disciple of Apostle Paul named _____ departed from him to chase after the affairs of the world.
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Where can this be found?
Who first saw Jesus when he rose up from death?
All these books have only a chapter in the New Testament except?
How many disciples were present in the upper room when they received the Holy Spirit?
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